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  1. I was flabbergasted at how Lynn kept Ekeler off the field for huge stretches of time in the last game, even when the game script favored him. Clearly, he loves Gordon no matter what. I can't trust Ekeler at this point, due to his idiotic coach. Will probably be benching him this week for Singletary.
  2. You guys are hilarious. Goff threw for over 500 yards- he's obviously a great fantasy asset. And as for a real NFL player, how is he to blame for this loss? He produced 40 points! The defense gave up 55. You're supposed to win when you score 40 points.
  3. Thanks- I'm playing Zuerlein, too! Didn't even notice it- yes, they are giving him 4 bogus points. This is our first year on ESPN- are these mistakes common? How long do they take to fix them? And why are they all benefiting my opponent?
  4. Anybody else notice an ESPN scoring error? They gave a bogus point to the Cowboys defense. They claim they have 2 sacks, and they just have 1. There was another sack, but holding was called and the Cowboys accepted the penalty. In a very close game, so every point is crucial. Will this be corrected?
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