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  1. The afternoon starters are going to need to be encased in bubblewrap.
  2. Dear God, the apocalypse is just getting worse!
  3. He's on my bench, but is Jordan Howard just straight poop or what?
  4. At least Chao think Campbell isn't out for season. I just wish I hadn't started him this week. Oy vey.
  5. The CEH Bros get all pissy when that's brought up. It's always the O-Line's fault or Mahomes' fault. Give me a break.
  6. If Hunt hadn't decided to kick someone when they were on the ground, he'd probably be one of the best #1 RBs in the league.
  7. Austin Hooper, I choose get the hell off my team!
  8. Considering how Ekeler played, it's not like he's that much better. RB2 at best. He's not getting that many rushes again, and unless Tyrod starts throwing him the ball, his worth is deflated.