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  1. Trust in Kamara. He'll always do right in the end. Hey pepper, how you like them apples?
  2. 12 team, 0.5 ppr, 9-2 (1st place) I'm considering two trade offers: -Trade 1- Give: Singletary and Sutton/DJ Moore Receive: Tyler Lockett -Trade 2- Give: Singletary and Sutton/DJ Moore Receive: Tyreek Hill My team QB: Mahomes, Tannehill RB: Kamara, Fournette, Coleman, Montgomery, Singletary WR: Allen, Kupp, Sutton, DJ Moore TE: Andrews, Hollister
  3. Can someone explain what's going on with Coleman's usage? I swear I'm getting a tumor trying to understand Shanahan's mindset. His father knew how to use his RBs a hell of a lot better. I mean, Mostert and Jeff Wilson were in on that last scoring drive and then Coleman get the scraps at the very end of the game? Really?
  4. "Cohen is a beast." LMAO. Okay dude, whatever say. I'll stand by what I said. Feel free to continue caping for him.
  5. Has Cohen ever played a bellcow role? I think the answer is no. And let's see him do what he did to Fowler all game. Be tired of the stereotypes all you want, but I doubt that Cohen would hold up if if he plays almost every down out of the backfield. If Monty is out, Nall will probably be in for a fair share. Patterson will probably get in on the fun as well.
  6. Cohen couldn't handle that role. He'd be broken by half time. And he'll be a huge liability in pass protection.
  7. Rams shut down the the Steelers run game last week, and Samuels barely did anything in ppr. I doubt Cohen's diminutive build is going to help unless he spends most of his time lined up in the slot.
  8. It sounds like we might hear the word "fasciotomy" a lot more today. The procedure and the reason for needing it sounds horrifying, and hopefully it's not that serious for Lockett.
  9. It was never announced as a high ankle sprain, just a high ankle issue. Could certainly be something other than a sprain.
  10. Zach Ertz hasn't even been Zach Ertz this year. If you were expecting those kind of numbers game in and game out, then you bought into the hype and that's on you. It falls to Harbaugh to actually put him on the field and Jackson to not run it every other play. You can only do that so much before defenses start beating the crap out of you.
  11. Maybe you haven't noticed, but when given the opportunity Andrews balls the hell out and is clearly the best at his position on the team. Hell, he's the best receiver on the whole f'n team. Hurst and Boyle are ham 'n eggers at best.
  12. If that's true then Harbaugh needs to get the bug out of his bum. Ingram fumbles and he's not punished? What a hypocrite.
  13. So what's the deal with Andrews? Is he seriously still in the doghouse for a few drops in the rain from two weeks ago? Hell, Ingram fumbles and he's still getting touches.
  14. Do you think it's worth it to keep both and drop Monty or McCoy? RBs are pretty barren on waivers right now, but the floors for McCoy and Monty are sooooooo low.
  15. 12 team, 0.5 ppr, 5-1 (soon to be 6-1) I'm going to need to drop Crowder or Golden Tate at some point soon to pen up space and fill other spots in my roster (Darnold and/or Slye). Who would you rather have ROS? My other WRs are Allen, Kupp, DJ Moore and Sutton I'm loathe to drop any RBs at this point, even the bad ones: Kamara (IR), Carson, Coleman, McCoy, Montgomery, Singletary Sadly, trading one or the other away isn't likely to happen in my league.