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  1. You are incredibly strong at WR so it's tempting to do it. I think Fuller is more valuable in a vacuum since KC utilizes three backs. Singletary should be returning this week from injury so your RB depth isn't incredibly bad. I can see the logic behind doing it if you're gambling on an injury to Damien or Darren, since again, you probably have 5 WRs better than Fuller. Without knowing what other RBs you can obtain for Fuller, I would probably pull the trigger knowing that you're likely slightly losing to breaking even in a vacuum, with a chance to win big.
  2. Definitely do it. You don't need Henry and Allen fills in a big need for you.
  3. It all depends when Adams and AJ return. If they both return this week, do the trade, because Green will be fine at FLEX and you have AP for meh RB depth. If they are out longer, it depends on how you are doing record wise and whether you can afford to wait their eventual returns.
  4. That's the selling point. He is downgrading at RB and giving me my handcuff to upgrade at DEF (all he has is Denver as a weekly stream) and receive quality WR depth. He already has Adams, OBJ, and McLaurin so Jeffrey is really there just for value.
  5. I ditto picking up Engram and trading for a better RB than Hyde.
  6. My team is in the signature. Mattison is insurance for Cook going down. Coleman would be my RB4, but a plug in play this week and Week 12 for bye reasons.
  7. Fournette is the safer play, Bell has the higher upside with the easiest part of the Jets' schedule coming up and Darnold returning. I would go Bell. Thanks for your help with my thread.
  8. I like the logic with both trades. Murray should be a borderline top 5 fantasy QB ROS, given his improvement, running abilities, and ROS schedule. Elliot is a massive upgrade over Elliot. McLaurin's schedule is about to get absolutely brutal. Brown's production has been inconsistent, but his volume remains good. Kelce is obviously the best TE in the game when everything is clicking. I would do both trades. Thanks for your help with my thread.
  9. Pretty much this. I think the gap between Chubb and Bell will be minimal in two weeks once the Jets' schedule lightens up. OBJ obviously has much higher upside than Gallup. I like the Bell + OBJ side more.
  10. Both have great volume, but with Darnold's return and Jets' ROS, I would lean Bell.
  11. Knox, Fells, Fant/McDonald. McDonald received a single target last night, all of the third stringer dumpoffs went to Conner. He's dead weight without Ben. Fells has had good fantasy production the last two weeks, including solid volume against KC. However, Knox as TE1 in this scenario b/c their schedule is fantastic over the next few weeks.
  12. Standard scoring, team in signature. I'm thinking of trading 49ers D/ST, Alshon Jeffrey, and Damien Williams for Tevin Coleman and Alexander Mattison. I have the Bills D/ST, so I can afford to let the 49ers D/ST go, my WR depth is solid, and Tevin Coleman looks to be a much more trustworthy RB2/FLEX moving forward. Thoughts? WHIR.
  13. Everyone will say go AJones, but as a former AJones owner, I understand the trepidation. He had the entire backfield to himself in the Eagles game and scored 4 pts in the last 3 1/2 quarters, most of those coming off junk time dump downs. At the same time, he's found the end zone 4x in the last three weeks, despite yielding a terrible YPC, so it's a tough call. Ultimately, I think the sample size with Howard is small enough to where I would still go AJones.