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  1. Burks starting and the absence of Draymond affect him negatively, as both Burks and Paschall are higher usage guys compared to Robinson and Dray. I assume he'll be fine when those guys return.
  2. It's not wrong to have high standards on Towns. It was wrong and unrealistic to expect a usual KAT performance on his first games (which are b2b games to make it harder) after a 5 week absence due to a knee injury. Whatever, he's back and he'll increase his rebound production next game too, hopefully.
  3. He was added and dropped a few times in one of my deep leagues. I couldn't avoid the damn injury bug whole the season to stash Nurk.
  4. Relax, guys. It was a b2b game, and he was pretty solid against Indiana. Probably it was about conditioning against Raptors. He'll be fine.
  5. He's clearly an easy hold. Sometimes I'm getting really shocked about the high level inpatience in this forums. By the way, he would have played over 20 minutes last night if the game wasn't a huge blowout.
  6. I didn't like that Saunders said "we are always hopeful" too. We don't know in what context he said that, but it's definitely concerning. I start to get some negative vibes that even when KAT returns he could find excuses not to play games.
  7. It looks like he travelled with the team to Indiana, even though they will play against Raptors at home the day after. Hmmmm...
  8. I think people who are concerned about Holmes' role when he returns are overthinking. Holmes has played great, he deserved to get a big enough role to be a great fantasy player, and he'll get it when he returns one way or another.