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  1. This is heartbreaking. Hope she gets well soon.
  2. Yes, but fantasy season is probably over dude
  3. Lol, you guys are panicking too soon. It was just ONE (1) game, which was second leg of a b2b set, against Cavs, and 3 starters were sidelined, which caused some weird rotation. Easy, easy hold at this point.
  4. Man, I hate Brogdon for being constantly injured, but his full speed is definitely not outside top 100.
  5. Let's not pretend like TWolves are a winning team when KAT is active. Building chemistry with the new guys is as important as the loterry balls, especially this year with such a weak draft class.
  6. Cleared for full contact practice. Not playing tomorrow, but he'll probably be back in a game or two after tomorrow.
  7. Gersson Rosas said that KAT's doing everything possible to return sooner rather than later, and everything so far looks positive now, and they'll update later this week. He didn't eliminate the possibility of surgery tho.
  8. This guy is listed doubtful for todays game. He probably won't play today, but he's most probably gonna return in 1 week.
  9. His mother, who is a doctor, said he will return. She had tweeted before that he will return in a few days before Holmes went through the full contact practice, where he had a setback, so she's somewhat a reliable source lol. Edit: She also tweeted these:
  10. I'm sure KAT suffered a wrist injury, and this isn't a fake one, but the way TWolves handling the injuries definitely sucks. He had an MRI like 7-8 days ago, and there's still no diagnosis? "Left wrist injury". Oh, OK, it's crystal clear. Why the hell would an organization like Timberwolves hide what's really going on with their star player's wrist? What's the effing point? I'm going to think twice when selecting a Wolves player in the future after all of these.
  11. ---- Sherlock mode on ---- I don't think this video was shot after the injury. I don't play 2K since 2017, but I think the rosters in the game should have been updated if it was after the injury. Also, the guy says he's in Chicago, so the video should either was shot in the ASB or when Minnesota played against Bulls in Chicago, back on 22/01/2020 (that's before the injury occured). I think it's the latter, unfortunately. ---- Sherlock mode off ----
  12. At this point they don't know more than what we know tho. That's just their interpretation for "expected to be out multiple games".
  13. Well... Hopefully. I'm not a shutdown panicker by any means, but there's something that makes me uncomfortable about this situation. Maybe it's TWolves' lack of transperency that us KAT owners experienced on KAT's previous injury.