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  1. Look for more for this package or try to pack other players. I get your point in trying to stack a better qb but i think you are giving up to mich with engram and woods. help mine:
  2. I‘d do this. Jets schedule is nice and Bell will get his part of the cake for sure. Hopkins, Thomas, Carson, Bell gives you a nice RB/WE starting set help mine pls:
  3. Hi guys, need to set up my (winning-)lineup in a PPR league, pls help:) I'm starting C.Carson (vs. TB) and M.Evans (@SEA). I need 1 RB, 1 WR and 1 Flex out of: J.Howard (vs. CHI) D.Montgomery (@PHI) J.Williams (@LAC) K.Drake (vs. SF) D.Adams (@LAC) C.Sutton (vs. CLE) DJ Moore (vs. TEN) K.Stills (@JAX) THX in advance, WHIR!!
  4. Yes i‘d do it. My add would be AJ Brown over Davis (if available), both over Preston Help mine
  5. I doubt he‘ll accept this this but if he does just go for it help mine
  6. Put on IR and drop Njoku would be my choice. I would add Metcalf or Samuel help mine
  7. Hard to bench but i think it‘s allen zo sit in this case Help mine
  8. Juju should be fine to go and see sone more targets from either hodgens or rudolph. Edelman, Lockert are locks and 3rd i‘d roll with Juju hlep mine:
  9. I‘d make the first one without any toughts. 2nd one is tough as Waller is def an upgrade over Hock, but i like Carson more over Monty, Mack help mien
  10. I‘d go McLaurin over Boyd, Breida, Mixon Help mine
  11. I hold Carson, Kerryon, Montgomery, Howard and Jamaal Williams as RB. With KJ on IR now and the unclear Situation of Montgomery i am looking for a RB Trade. Guy opens up talks for his Aaron Jones or Tevin Coleman. For Jones he wants my Devante Adams (and maybe more) and for Coleman there is no offer yet, but he wants a WR. I have Evans, Sutton, Jeffery, DJ Moore and Adams. is Adams straigt up for Jones a good Trade? Which WR would you offer for Coleman? thank you! WHIR 💪
  12. Kelce for me, but it is close in your situation with Hill on your roster i like Kittle a bit more for you help mine
  13. Sounds good to go for you. i like Hilton over woods, sutton and kirk. help mine
  14. Think you can do it if you need another solid RB help mine
  15. As an Evans owner i say... Godwin sure test the value of evans first (KJ, Conner, etc should work) and if you cant get something good throw in godwin (you should consider someone like Carson, Chubb, DJ for him) help mine
  16. As you are a bit low at RB but fine ar WR it is worth an offer. But likely it’ll be tough to accept for him. Help mine
  17. Is there any waiver help possible? Think darrell is droppable and i’m not a big fan of starting Gurley and Brown (with Henderson also in the mix) help mine:
  18. Everett against this Falcons D sounds like a great Matchup. I think a bounce back Rams win is incoming and I’d take him here over Hock help mine