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  1. Would keep mvs and curtis I have djax mvs abd curtis over diontae right now, but things could change easily. Dionntae to cut after last to weeks is tough
  2. Aaron Jones for Evans sounds good think you should go for this. Imo Evans is the more steady Bucs WR and as said Godwin with the monster game in the back would cost too mich atm help mine
  3. Like your toughts. But i think you should try getting Bell lower than Henry and TY. Maybe you try Hollywood or Terry first. If he doesn‘t bite you can get TY or Juju in the trade I have some similar issues and bell inak option for me aswell:
  4. RB on the wire: Darrell Williams, Gore, Duke, Burkhead, Howard, Samuels, Mostert WR on the wire: Sutton, all Jets, Sanu, Fuller, Westbrook, Pettis, Allison
  5. I think i‘ll keep him. Things can not get any worse at this pointl just wait for 2,3 games
  6. So i‘m on your side with this trade. You should make the deal. You can try to get Ronald jones or darrell williams (or another waiver rb) for your flex (as long as singletsry is not at 100%)
  7. I wouldn‘t give away cmc in any ppr format, but this one has to be considered. Who are your other rbs?
  8. I like courtland sutton if he is availabe (in my 10 team league he is). Ronald should go first (if still there)
  9. Go for it! Sure there is a little hole in your Receiving corps after it, but one DJax will return it looks much better. maybe you can trade away damien williams for an WR2/3
  10. In a ppr league you should do this trade right now. Maybe you can trade any of your WR (Ridley, Kirk, Diggs) for an RB pls help
  11. I like trading away Kelce for an clear WR1 as well (maybe you can wait on Devante Updates and get him then). Other idea is Andrews and get Tyreek Hill for team 2 i’d hold Waller and trade Hooper for an WR2 (Tyreek could be worth here as well) drop richardson. Pls help
  12. QB: Watson RB: Carson, K. Johnson, Mixon, R. Freeman, C. Thompson, R. Jones WR: Adams, Juju, DJ Moore, Jeffrey, Hardman TE: Waller 10 team, ppr league. I’m 1-3, Waiver Position 2 any recommendations for me for next week and rest of the season? thx in advance
  13. Down by 35 and i have juju and mixon left. They can do it! But it will be a close af
  14. Dissly i like the trust of russell in the rz with him