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  1. MVS, Allison, and Adams all likely out. Here's the kids chance! I'm throwing him in there!
  2. Gordon doubtful for Monday. Just snagged him also.
  3. Seriously considering starting him over sanders tonight!
  4. Anyone considering starting him with Burkhead out?
  5. Following players could have big role due to injuries. Dorsett Inman Cain Campbell
  6. Mike Williams out. Allen can't get all the targets. Any takers?
  7. What are the chances CJ signs with the Texans? Would prefer he goes to NYG.
  8. Got this dude in the first round. Knew he may have lost a step, never thought of this type of regression. Still early in the season not losing hope yet, the rams offense in general Is not lookin too great right now.
  9. Got both Williams on roster. Will be putting which ever one is playing in flex. I just want one of these guys to emerge, so tired of this backfield.