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  1. Hey all, I'm running a Yahoo 10 team H2H Points League and I'd love some feedback on my point system. I'd like to award efficiency... The thinking is 40% or better in FG and 70% or better in FT are a plus. Thanks for your input! Points Scored (PTS) +0.5 3Pt Made (3PM) +0.5 Field Goal Made (FGM) +1 Field Goal Attempted (FGA) -0.4 Free Throw Made (FTM) +1 Free Throw Attempted (FTA) -0.7 Assist (AST) +2 Rebound (REB) +1.5 Steal (STL) +2.5 Block (BLK) +2.5 Turnover -1.5
  2. I agree. Dudes played with a broken face twice before.
  3. Kemba or Young? I can't decide who has more upside.
  4. Bacon! I don't know why he's not getting enough hype. Great pick in a 12-14 team league.
  5. Definitely keep an eye on him. He's got more room to breakout in the next few seasons and Lillard is a great mentor. Would draft in the 100's for dynasty.
  6. ESPN's fantasy platform is stuck in 2010. Used it for years and had to switch after their desktop update last year and terrible player rankings.
  7. I'm looking to fill a 10 team Yahoo league for this season. It'll be casual but I'd like for everyone to stay active all year. Transactions will be through LeagSafe. Let me know if you have any questions! Snake draft 6 team playoffs weeks 21, 22 & 23 First Place $100 Secund Place $40 Weekly Winner $13
  8. I'd definitely try to get a guard first round if you're able. They'll go fast this season.