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  1. I don't like Montgomery this week cuz of that Eagles front and Nagy's up-and-down usage of him - maybe it'll be good again this week, but we'll probably be throwing it to exploit the DBs and to probably keep up. I think Jamaal carries some risk with him as well as he kinda needs to find the EZ, but it's a really nice matchup against LAC. JuJu for pure volume sake and upside to hit that bonus, but I think Andrews has some sneaky play ability as well, but his numbers have been trending downward over the last couple of weeks - plus, you can run on New England, but the pass has been hard to come by.
  2. It's been a rough year for me on the WR front - also drafted AB, Cooks has been trash/hurt, and AJG coming back 6 weeks after originally thought. Thanks!
  3. Should I trade Walton and Hardman for Dak? Already have Josh Allen as my QB, but am 2-6 and wondering how to proceed. Team has been decimated by injuries and now the bye week for 9 and 10 have/will hit me hard. Walton currently one of my starters and would most likely replace with Breida this week if he's healthy - upside of Dak is hard to ignore, even though Allen's matchups in the near term are better (both have tough matchups down the stretch). Thoughts on trading for QB upside in hope to get some wins and somehow squeak in the playoffs (only 2GB of last wildcard)? QB: J. Allen RB: R. Freeman, Breida, Sanders, Lat Murray, Walton, Henderson, Ty Johnson WR: OBJ, Hill, Cooks, AJG, Preston Williams, Hardman TE: Waller
  4. Allen has already had his bye too so you've got that going for ya. You'd have to play Fuller at the exact week he goes off; otherwise, you'll keep playing him hoping that it happens and it never does. I'd take the extra RB insurance and hope that LAC turns it around since they've shown they're capable of it.
  5. Thomas is definitely too much to pay - even if you consider the Wentz & Allen swap (which is that clear cut of an "upgrade" as you might think, especially considering the Bills' upcoming schedule). I actually like the Fuller for Ekeler swap as you'll gain some RB depth that you're wanting and trading away a piece that is the epitome of boom/bust and you'll still have 3 solid WRs bolstering your roster in MT/Julio/Chark. Chargers will come around eventually and get back to the running efficiency they saw last year with both Gordon and Ekeler being involved.
  6. Looking to trade away OBJ and hoping to get Lev Bell as his schedule looks really enticing moving forward with Darnold under center. Thoughts? Not enough? Too much? League: 12 team, 0.5 PPR, start 2 FLEX QB: Josh Allen RB: M. Sanders, Breida, R. Freeman, Thompson, Lat Murray, Henderson WR: Tyreek, OBJ, Cooks, AJG, Dem. Robinson, Geronimo, Lazard, Preston Williams TE: Waller
  7. I wouldn't say I'm chomping at the bit to trade for Thielen, Marquise Brown is the guy that I really want and think that Thielen provides for some sort of safe floor when he's not playing the Bears. Unfortunately, the way my team is at right now, it doesn't seem like I have guys to flip for just him so had to think of a package deal.
  8. Hmm that's tough. I'd take the guys that will get you immediate wins so that you increase your chances of reaching the playoffs and I think that's Godwin + Gallman. Build up some wins then look to make some other trades.
  9. Thanks! I definitely forgot to mention it and it obviously may impact your advice, but we start 2 FLEX each week so 2 RB-2 WR-2 FLEX so technically I could roll out all 4 at one point. I know I need RB help but I went Zero RB and then obviously everything went to crap after Tyreek's injury and AB doing AB things (also drafted Cam as my original QB) - I'm 0-4 too so nothing seems to be working for me and just looking for a spark of any kind.
  10. Do you have anyone else that you can drop other than MVS? I'd probably take Gallup since I know that offense just feels more efficient and will be hitting some tougher matchups soon, but wouldn't want to lose MVS with Davante Adams potentially being out with turf toe.
  11. Well you'd have to hold on to the Bills D for a couple weeks and you could probably pick them up next week. No need to handcuff unless you're really concerned that Fournette is an injury waiting to happen and AJ Brown has played sub-50% of the plays and has made his mark with big plays so the consistency may not be fun. I'd personally go with Deebo Samuel - he looks like the #1 in a good, improving offense/team and could be nice trade bait down the road.
  12. Thoughts on trading away Brandin Cooks and Chris Thompson for Adam Thielen and Marquise Brown? I'm not sure he'd accept it but it seems decently fair - 0.5PPR, 12 team league. Guy could really use some RB depth since he has D. Johnson, Michel, Cohen, Barber, Ito Smith as his RBs currently. QB: Winston RB: Sanders, Breida, R. Freeman, Thompson, Dar. Williams, Mostert, Wilkins WR: OBJ, Tyreek, Cooks, AJG, Demarcus Robinson, Geronimo, Preston Williams, AB (fwiw)
  13. You got solid RB depth and with Davante hurting/potentially out for a couple weeks, I like this trade for you albeit being in a standard league gives me pause because RBs are insanely more valuable than WRs in those leagues. But heck, you might be able to get a little more because of Fournette's blow up game.
  14. Thoughts on the trade? Team is 0-3 (bad schedule luck) in a 0.5 PPR league. Have dealt with the injury bug recently and have now lost Cam Newton, as well as Tyreek / AJG / AB. QB: Stafford (best streamer) RB: Sanders, Breida, R. Freeman, Thompson, Lat. Murray, Dar. Williams, Ajayi WR: OBJ, Tyreek (IR), AB (out), Cooks, D. Robinson, Parris Campbell, P. Williams TE: Waller
  15. Even if McCoy plays, I still like Dar. Williams over Montgomery going up against that Vikings front (combined with terrible play calling by Nagy that will most likely lead to more passes by Trubisky). Any player on the Chiefs that week has fantasy potential and an aggravation of McCoy's injury could thrust Darrel upwards. I don't think that Damien Williams is going to play anyway so he's out imo.