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  1. what about Freeman? Worth a try if the Giants get him?
  2. First week Mack, this week Barkley, luck is definitely not on my side this year... Right now I got Barkley Dobbins Hines Fournette D. Freeman (barkley situation) S. Michel I know, definitely too many RBs, after my week 1 loss I picked some up to maybe get a trade out of it. My question now: which one to get rid of, swapping for another RB like for example J. Kelley or roll with it and go for WR and TE? Cheers!
  3. Yeah that's what I thought, was just a bit afraid to use him as this week every single point will be important. Thank you!
  4. Would you go with S. Michel or Dobbins this week? Cheers!
  5. Cheers guys, I'll sit it out then for a bit and will see what the next weeks will bring with my WRs
  6. Sounds good, I'll put in a waiver, hopefully one of them will work!
  7. I'd drop one of them, probably Allen, because I want to see what will happen between Stafford and Jones. I hope they'll get back in sync. Robinson wasn't too bad.
  8. Hey everyone, My picks were not really the best this year and now I'm trying to at least get some points through waivers. Do you have any tips which one to choose? I thought about maybe R. Anderson, M. Valdez-scantling, R. Gage or S. Miller My WR are: K. Allen A. Robinson M. Jones Cheers!
  9. Would you rather go for higbee or Henry?
  10. Would you go for Driskel or Wentz?
  11. Most of the good guys are gone, so I got some trades proposed: He offers one of those: McKissic, B. Hill, Ajayi For one of them: J. Jacobs, D. Singletary, D. Henry, H.Henry I need a 3rd RB on Flex, atm I got mostert, gore or L. Murray If I'm giving him H. Henry, I have O. Howard and D. Knox as a TE is there any deal I could do in my favor in this? Cheers!
  12. What would you say, Hollister, Doyle or Rudolph?