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  1. I like Davis in this spot without Brown, but i think they build a lead early and let Henry feast. I think Miller could do great today
  2. Hi guys, In a jam with wentz here this week as I don't like the spot + week 1s performance. Trubisky looks alright with a decent schedule for a couple weeks that I could look streaming with. Tannehill looks solid but likely to lean on running game with Brown out? Appreciate any insight, thanks!
  3. any chance Trubisky pops off today? Giants on deck..
  4. Godwin is going to fancy feast on them lil panthers. booked!
  5. was just offered conner for James White... gotta accept right???
  6. Like duke as a player, think hes always been under utilized but if DJ goes down again this year, I'd expect a trade or a FA signing - He'd see an uptick in usage and bring his floor up a bit, but is he bench worthy (while hurt too) for some other options on the waiver? Likely no one picks him up after you drop him this week
  7. boyssss slow down slow down!!! Its week 1!! if you have fournette on the team and still won your week all is good- I mean who was starting him against that stout New Orleans D with less than a week of learning playbook, calls, team mates names etc lol. Let's continue the fournette bashing if he doesn't show well against Carolina next week... Although something tells me from watching Fournette film/interviews... it might take him some time to learn **** and I'm sure Brady won't stand for that **** and complain to Arians lol.. CHOO CHOOOO
  8. I thought it was his longest TD since 2016, but yeah either way - crazy. Looked good, Watson might not have felt comfortable dumping off to him yet - He looks up field every time like hes looking for hopkins lol.. Fuller is good but no hopkins replacement so they need to get DJ involved more on those broken plays - Dump to DJ and its an easy 5-7 yard gain every time
  9. GO DJ!! THATS MY DJ!!! Easily could have had a bigger game but KC controlled TOP and Watson ran in a TD... Little concerned about Watson always taking the TD Plunge though...
  10. is fournette/RoJo going to be this years Damien/Darrel/Darwin??? the number is pages on the Damien thread last year was nuts lol. Fournette will be a beast this year (yes I drafted him), he's on a much better team with actual air weapons and a great QB. Defenses can't stack 7 in the middle (like last year vs Jags )and only focus on fourtnette with Godwin / Gronk / Evans in the fold. The train is leaving the station boys
  11. hardman gonna light it up this year~ book it
  12. DJ won me 2 ships a couple years back.... took him the following two years (incl last year) and was a disappointment, he did have some injury issues last year but should have enough time to heal and be ready to BUCK this year, he will have a lot of motivation on a new team and with people chirping him non stop. If he plays with my emotions again this year hes donezo!
  13. Never drafting David Johnson again.... Miami players can actually be good sometimes (Parker / Drake) Godwin New England D Playing the waivers correctly, big ups to this forum and the people help (over)analzying players - keyed in on Waller, Parker, Mostert, New England D, Scary Terry, Tannehill, Thanks for the great year guys
  14. DRAKE BABY!!!!!!!! Drafted him and held on all year, was an ABSOLUTE STUD in the playoffs..Thank you for the big W drake (suck it DJ, we ain't buddies anymore)
  15. Flex spot help here please! Perriman (opponent has winston) Mostert D.Washington McLaurin