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  1. Never drafting David Johnson again.... Miami players can actually be good sometimes (Parker / Drake) Godwin New England D Playing the waivers correctly, big ups to this forum and the people help (over)analzying players - keyed in on Waller, Parker, Mostert, New England D, Scary Terry, Tannehill, Thanks for the great year guys
  2. DRAKE BABY!!!!!!!! Drafted him and held on all year, was an ABSOLUTE STUD in the playoffs..Thank you for the big W drake (suck it DJ, we ain't buddies anymore)
  3. Flex spot help here please! Perriman (opponent has winston) Mostert D.Washington McLaurin
  4. just some context is all... sometimes players just need a change of team / talent / opportunity. He's a first rounder and runs routes Flacco couldn't throw honestly, but i do agree he hasn't lived up to expectations, all eyes on him now with big expectations...
  5. Who was the QB for the Ravens at the time may I ask??? Nevermind....
  6. Parker has been lights out on garbage team no one wanted to apart of. Glad I grabbed this gem in the rough.
  7. will get boosted once Cook / Mattison are ruled out
  8. This is do or die for cowboys.. they will make Dak throw if it makes his arm fall off
  9. Seer-Cizastro You happen to see how many Targets / Yards he got in the vision???
  10. dak and coooper will FEAST this week. Must win game and will expect big things from the #1's. We're fine here
  11. Perriman is going to take us home to the promised land
  12. Hey guys looking for a little help here, I have some options here but having a tough time deciding. We play at 10pt TD league (10pt RB/WR, 5pt QBtd..i know crazy) QBs : Dak , Tannehill WR: Cooper, Parker, McLaurin, Perriman, Godwin RB : Zeke, Drake, Mostert, Washington (jacobs out), David Johnson, Bo Scar 1QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 flex Another thing weighing in on my decision is my opponent is playing Winston at QB, Godwin would have been a great counter play there, so I'm thinking Perriman could fit?? Can try banking on Perriman getting some of those points from Winston or go with another flex option? Thank you! and GOOD LUCK! (we all need it)
  13. New England got you here.. let them bring the ship home for you
  14. Do we think Perriman can fill in Godwin / Evans shoes? Surely he's no where near their level of play but he should be getting targets. [...]
  15. sorry to all the haters but Waller will not regress. He's made a name for himself, got paid, and has his head on straight. Hell, signing a good WR will only help him, not hurt. Just think if AB got all that double coverage this year instead. Waller is a mismatch for most defenses, with a stronger run game next year this team could surprise people. Waller will be a stud next year too.. BOOK IT