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  1. 3 keeper leauge one guy is leaving because of having too many teams. Unique league in which every owner is active and we trade players & draft picks. The team available has Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry & OBJ as his 3 keepers. We start qb rb rb wr wr te flex k d and have a bench of 8 players. 16 teams & 4 divisions, 6 teams make the playoffs, the last 4 are out and 7-12 play for the #1 draft slot. You must also be an active owner and like to be involved in some conversation & trading in season. If this sounds like what you are looking for just reply back and i will send an invite. league, free league, 1 send a small trophy and 2 $50 rest. gift cards to the winner.(this is a very competitive league)
  2. free league (i give out a trophy to the winner) 16 team, 3 keeper league. The keepers are due today at 2pm eastern time. I'm looking for someone to act as a GM for this team and or be a co-owner and possible future owner. The owner is a from all internet this week and is unable to trade. We have serveral teams interested in his players. If this sounds like something you would be interested in just email back then i can send an invite. thanks PJ
  3. ready to sign up as a manager, free 16 team league
  4. 16 team free 3 keeper league starting lineup qb, rb,rb,wr wr te flex k d 8 bench. 4 divisions, & 2 wild cards make the playoffs. :The season ends on Monday but our keeper season begins. For 1 week we trade players and draft picks to get the 3 best keepers you can get without giving up your top picks for the next season. If this sounds like a challenge to you then leave your email and i will send an invite to join today. thanks PJ
  5. Hello, I manage a free ( small trophy & 2 rest. gift cards to the winner) 16 team, 3 keeper league. Tonight we are starting our 10 days of trading players & draft picks to get yourself ready for the 2020 draft. Each team by Monday Dec. 29th or so will have their 3 keepers due. Each team will also have their 14 draft picks slotted for the 2020 draft. If this seems like a league you would want to join either message back with e-mail or leave a comment. thanks PJ