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  1. Hi I’m currently in need of one possibly two guys to complete my league it’s an established league $20 to enter through Yahoo Draft is this Sunday, December 20. Email me if interested? Thxs Jason. Charger.dreamer@Hotmail.com
  2. Hey guys need 1 manager for my league. Any Canadians out there????$20 Canadian to join! Very competitive! Message me with your email & YOU Must pay before joining too! Thanks.
  3. charger.dreamer@hotmail.com if amy spots are left
  4. Hi i just emailed you . Send me the link if its available? Thanks.
  5. I will take the last team if available? charger.dreamer@hotmail.com
  6. Hey I will take team 6 please! charger.dreamer@hotmail.com.
  7. Hey i am interested email me charger.dreamer@hotmail.com
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