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  1. I've heard rumors recently that this guy is a pretty good football player. What he apparently does to defenders:
  2. AFC South Patriots getting it done! Vrabel strikes again!
  3. Farewell Ben Watson (One of the only competent guys for NE on the field saturday) Forever a legend Still need a TE Bill, among other things. Rebuild mode, anyone?
  4. This guy just handed us one hell of a L Nothing but respect for Tennessee. Henry came to play and the defense stepped up big time. Will be pulling for you guys next week. We did not deserve to win whatsoever. We'll see what happens from here on out. Should be interesting.
  5. Whoever is getting chucked passes from this bad man
  6. Ah yes. Just lost a standard scoring league by 2 because all those receptions by Adams didn't mean ****. It's the only standard scoring league I'm in, and man do I hope it gets changed next year.
  7. Sooo looks like I won't be getting that 20 yards from Adams?
  8. Is the Vikings O-line really this bad or is the Packers D-line really just that good
  9. QB: Winston (FA) RBs: Zeke (Draft), Jacobs (Draft), Drake (Trade), Hunt (Draft), Boone (WW), Cohen (Draft) WRs: Parker (WW), Allen (Draft), Perriman (FA), Deebo Samuel (FA), Amendola (FA) TE: Waller (FA) D/ST: Rams (Draft) K: Matt Gay (FA) Projected to win a league with this team, 6/15 left from the draft. Very happy considering my draft consisted of Baker Mayfield, JuJu, OJ Howard, etc.
  10. Aaron Jones here for sure. Also in terms of kicker that's a coin toss but I'd go Crosby. Thanks for mine.
  11. Need Boone to get 3 yards and I win Adams to get 13 points in a standard league