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  1. Looking to drop Boston Scott (open to suggestions but I think this is the lowest on my roster currently) for one of the following four players in anticipation of them being a top waiver add Heading into WK3 (Colts DEF v NYJ I know will be Hot Add, TreQuan Smith could be the true #1 with Thomas out and won’t be 100% for at least half the season IMO, Myles Gaskin too early to tell but could be the best Rb available right now, Chris Herndon -just dropped him and cleared waivers and I’m weak at TE).

    My roster is as follows .75PPR:


    Cook, Mixon, Gordon, James Robinson, Joshua Kelley, Boston Scott, Damien Harris

    Allen Robinson, Terry McLaurin, DJax, Diontae Johnson, Preston Williams, Parris Campbell, Laviska Shenault, Deebo Samuel

    Logan Thomas, OJ Howard

    Titans D (next wk @ MINN)

    Let me know who/if I should drop anyone for the four above! Help me, I’ll help you drop your post !

  2. 1 hour ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:

    Great article. No question this kid is going to have a growing role in the Offense this Season. Between his versatility plus lack of playmakers aside from Chark (James Robinson TBD), I could see around seven or eight total touches (receiving/rushing) as early as Sunday. He’s the type of player that can’t be game scripted out so I may even be low here

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  3. 6 minutes ago, deezel629 said:

    I knew when I decided to keep Cook that I was going to have to bite the bullet and draft Mattison a round early, and that’s what I did. My depth took a little hit by doing so, but I’d be very nervous owning Cook if I hadn’t don’t so. 

    Yeah it’s more-so for injury that I’m concerned. Not so much contract at this point. I should’ve done it and I regret it!

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  4. 5 minutes ago, leffe186 said:

    I will say that I had Mattison pretty much all last season as his handcuff and it really didn't work out. I just know that I was that little bit less stressed for three months.

    I had Mattison last season as a non-Cook owner and it didn’t work out either. Cook won’t make it all 16. Big fan of him since FSU. I just don’t see it and I’m nervous now

  5. Missed out on securing his handcuff  by one pick. Does anyone own him without Alexander Mattison? If so, how do you feel about it right now ? I don’t believe we have any concerns regarding him holding out at this point do we?? I’m sure we all have more an injury concern ??

  6. 19 minutes ago, DarinB300 said:

    I would definitely do it before the season starts. Right now Cook is supposed to play, but who knows what happens when the game actually starts. I am higher on Diontae, than I am of DJAX, so I may even consider offering DJAX first. 

    Appreciate the advice. I’m going to try with D Jax also. Let me know if I can assist you in a thread of your own!

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  7. 1 hour ago, bgar15 said:


    I've definitely been thinking about adding Edwards, especially in the conversation of upside.

    But the question is who do I drop?

    Your WRs are very thin. This decision would be easy for me in dropping Burkhead or Devine Ozigbo for Bryan Edwards. He’s listed as the starter with Las Vegas, and while everyone is on Henry Ruggs III as the big play WR, Edwards may be more of a possession WR and have better value weekly.


    please help with mine, when you can! Thanks


  8. I don’t know what other rosters look like and how stacked other teams may be, but I would keep Saquon even though you have one year left of him. CMC + Saquon will be a ton of points weekly, and your goal is to play for this Season and you can win a Ship with that duo.

    I would see what I can get for Ekeler to begin. I don’t think he’s going to be drafted as high as he’s going this Season next year IMO. I think Joshua Kelley will balance it out over there. This can be a win for you now and later


    Please help with mine, when you can! Thanks


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  9. I think they both have high ceilings, definitely top 10 are outcomes. Conner’s durability worries me. I’m assuming these are RD3 guys, so maybe it would depend on where I go in RD1&2. If I went two WRs, I would probably go Carson because I can’t afford my RD3 Rb1 to go down.


    Help with mine, when you can!


  10. 9 minutes ago, yanksman said:

    What round did he take Mattison in? What round did you take your WRs in? 

    Mattison was drafted RD9. I had taken Diontae in RD8 before that. I knew I had to take Mattison in 8 earliest or definitely 9, and he was selected the pick right before me in the 9th


    My WR drafted rounds:

    Robinson (3), McLaurin (4), Samuel (6), DJax (8), Diontae Johnson (9), Preston Williams (10)

  11. 23 minutes ago, jmoney23 said:

    I would offer Diontae Johnson first, then maybe upgrade the offer to D Jax.  If he/she doesn't accept either of those, I would just stand down, as I think any other WR is offering too much imo.

    please help


    Thanks for the advice. Diontae Johnson would be my first off the BN right now and very well could be my WR3 if Samuel isn’t ready and DJax breaks down (which I’m sure we all believe at some point he will this season). Thanks for the advice! I responded to yours 👍

  12. Drafted Cook and missed out on securing his handcuff last night. Would appreciate suggestions if I should initiate trade with Mattison owner (his roster below mine). I think he needs a WR. Thank you!


    RB: Cook, Mixon, Gordon, Boston Scott, Damien Harris, Joshua Kelley, James Robinson

    WR: Robinson, Terry McLaurin, D Jax, Deebo Samuel, Diontae Johnson, Preston Williams


    RB: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Carson, Mostert, Alexander Mattison, Darrel Williams, Bernard, AJ Dillon

    WR: Golladay, Sutton, Shepard, Brandon Aiyuk, Allen Lazard

  13. Depends on roster construction as I draft but if it’s PPR and I’m going upside (which is usually the case for me)

    I’m going Cam Akers first. McVay said today they’re going to throw a whole lot on the Rookie. I’m also an FSU fan, and Cam Akers is one of few athletes I have followed since HS

    Antonio Gibson next. Based on the team letting AP go, and his comments afterwards how they were looking for a RB to be more of that pass catching (I think he used the phrase pony up offense or something). I think he’s gonna be a focal part of the O

    Ingram has the edge over Mostert. I understand JK Dobbins is going to get some work, but SF worries me with changing RBs too often. I had a couple Leagues where I owned Coleman/Breida or Moster/Coleman and it never worked out for picking the right guy so I’m personally avoiding


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  14. I personally believe in TJ Hockenson more heading into this season. Stafford was lighting it up through the air before his season ending back injury. I’m hoping Hockenson will be more involved in Year 2 and make that leap. What other TE’s are available if you were to drop one of the two ?

  15. First New Topic post -

    Upcoming Draft for (3) WR + (1) Flex League with 0.75 PPR. Any Managers have the same roster construction and care to share their experience/advice having drafted already? If you haven’t drafted, do you have a strategy ?

    I don’t recall a Draft being this RB heavy within the first two rounds in my nine years playing. Appreciate the responses!


    “Gruden had designed a whole playbook for Antonio Brown, told me that every play was designed to go to 84,” David said on the NFL Network on Saturday. “You go from that to not having him and having to revamp that entire offense to try to figure it out. Now they’re in a situation where they want Henry Ruggs to be that guy. Based on what I’ve seen, I’m not saying he’s Antonio Brown yet, but he has the potential and he has the work ethic and he has the skill set. It pops on film, and Derek already has a great relationship and a feel for him.”

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