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  1. Hey guys! I‘m looking to join a roto dynasty start-up league, preferably a free one. Hit me up, if ya got s spot. Thanks.
  2. Currently one opening (Grizzlies) league id 66sh6lyuk1qrjdup password drnalb We‘re finalizing draft order right now. Almost ready to draft.
  3. Ya, the mobile version is not the most convenient one. 😂 Please use the following link:
  4. Cool! Glad you’re in! Just join the groupme-chat (link is on the fantrax league homepage) and you‘ll get a warm welcome and all things you need to know. And there are 2 polls on, please take your time to go thru it and use your vote.
  5. It should work the same way, did it just 2 days ago myself. At the fantrax homepage, you need to tap the arrow at the bottom of your screen. Than you’ll see all the sports. Take MLB. It shows a second screen with smaller symbols of all the sports. Scroll down and there is commissioner. Tap on „join league“.
  6. No problem! Just go to and select games, mlb. Under „commissioner“, you’ll find „join league“. Use ID 66sh6lyuk1qrjdup and pw drnalb. That should do it.
  7. The link should take you right to the „join“ & pay homepage. I think there’s a button „accept invite“. Proceed to pay league fee - and that’s it.
  8. One pending invite. And that guy confirmed few minutes ago that he‘ll join. You may stay on hold as possible replacement owner if you like to.
  9. I know. Running leagues in different sports and setups, so I seen some things. And it can get hard, of course. I like the owners in my leagues to have a say and voice their opinion. So future changes may happen as they become necessary. Just like in real life.
  10. Clearly no! I don’t like to incorporate artificial measures into the league. Whatever you‘ll try to do (and I think there are incentives in this league), there’ll always be drop-outs. That’s life and an inescapable part of fantasy sports. Personally, I like the challenge to take on bad teams and build them into my team with success. And I paid for such teams. For me, it’s fun. And that‘s part of playing dynasty. I know, that will not be everybody’s attitude. But it’s mine.