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  1. You just told me I claimed he sucked, when I never did. The players I placed above him, I admit I related it a lot to my own personal team build. But most of them are actually better players and valid arguments could be made, even if my take was arguable, nothing I posted was outrageous. Please tell me which take was so puzzling? End of the day Huerters value will take a dip if the Hawks make a trade for a high usage big man or a trade for more talent in general. Someone like Drummond or Adams will eat his rebounds. Drummond will eat a lot of his assists because Huerter gets most of his assists on hand offs from screens. Drummond likes to make plays off screens and can pull off a decent amount of assists for a big. I don’t speak about injuries, only when the concern is applicable. It’s a realistic concern for Huerter but you can continue to be ignorant to the fact. Just a few days ago he was questionable with back pain. The guy is fragile and won’t play if he’s not 100 when the Hawks are playing for nothing. It’s standard practice in the NBA to do that. End of the day a lot of people thought the Hawks would at least compete for playoffs and the way their coach was handling the team at the beginning was much more strict. The young guys have no leash anymore and can chuck bricks freely. Hilarious that you claim Huerter is the better player. Fantasy aside. Fultz is actually leading his team in the toughest position in the NBA, fighting for a playoff spot and building a winning culture. Huerter plays on one of the worst teams in the league, gets to play freelance style offensive game where he chucks up bricks and doesn’t have to worry about being benched. He has the offence ran through him at times because their team sucks and has nobody else. I didn’t realize the Hawks were so bad till I actually watched a few games. Other then Carter, their next vet is 25 year old Bembry. If Fultz played on one of the bottom dwellers in the NBA and didn’t have to play with ball hogs like Gordon and Fournier, he’d be putting up near triple doubles nightly. Huerter is no better than guys like Donte, Melton, Aaron Holiday. But they actually play for winning teams, they don’t get huge usage like Huerter. Only reason why it seems like I’m biased is because I don’t get why someone would come into this thread and claim Fultz or Smart (In another thread) is a drop but Huerter is a 10 teamer and the next Klay. I have no issues with him, we are similar age and I like to watch videos about vertical leaps and training exercise, I was looking at video on his vertical and hoop mixtapes. I’m actually a fan of his, but he’s overrated around the league since Wade gave him a jersey.
  2. I bet you’re not even tall enough to make my teams. Key thing in your post is that the people were dunking. You’d be the water boy. Only someone who has never played basketball in their life would use getting dunked on as some insult.
  3. It’s because his upside is clear, he’s the youngest player in the league, his athletic tools are nearly unmatched and he’s been getting big minutes. Plus when you actually watch him play he has a smooth game and really good defensive potential. Plus he already has one of the best dunks of the season. Fantasy wise, you can only complain that he should be getting more rebounds with those minutes regardless of Drummond eating them up. But honestly when you watch the game, he seems more concerned with actually defending his man on the perimeter and then just boxing out. End of the day, that’s what they teach you when you’re learning basketball. He’s a fundamentally sound player. It’s not a lack of effort and defensive ability thing like Kuzma. Doumbouya is probably already Detroit’s best defender.
  4. Reminds me of Colin Sexton with a 3, not in his play style but the fact that he doesn’t get many assists, rebounds or stocks. I think both of them are great players, but they are young and don’t have fantasy friendly games atm. I think it’s a bit different with Nunn though because I think he’d get a lot of assists on a different team. But Miami is fighting for top 3 playoff spot so he can’t pad his stats. Colin Sexton on the other hand is in the worst team, is like Fox with his athleticism, but he runs head down like Kyrie when he drives. He doesn’t even look to pass to open teammates. Edit: looking further into his stats, his assists for the season overall aren’t actually that bad and he barely turns the ball over, it’s a wonder that he is able to put up these numbers on this stacked Miami team. I wouldn’t drop, maybe try to trade him for someone who gets more steals and assists if he strings some really good games together.
  5. Sorry but I don’t think you have any reading comprehension. I grew up playing basketball and I have never come onto this thread and called a player trash or garbage or say they suck. I have to much appreciation for the game to do that. I save that to the people who have never played on a team in their life. All I did was proclaim my belief that he is a 12 teamer and not a 10, but his fanboys felt a way about that. Then I listed players I’d rather have as assists and steals guys. Everyone speculates so I don’t get why you feel the need to message me that and try to take a dig at me for any of my takes. At least I’m on here speaking basketball and not just posting memes, asking for help like a vulture and calling players trash. Topic in the Huerter thread for me was always his steals and assists upside because aren’t those the 2 categories you holders were boosting up? Those are the only categories worth keeping in for. Huerter is just a high usage player in a bad team, he’s not actually that good atm and his percentages and 3 will take a dip as teams adjust to him more. Im done arguing with you about Huerter after this. He’s not in my foresight and my team is doing well. I could care less about getting into another text wall argument with you to feed your ego. Huerter is nowhere near top 25 in steals and top 30 in assists over the course of the season or even the last 30 days. Fultz is. His ranking is inflated due to FT percentage, but he doesn’t even take enough FT to shift the needle much in that category. He doesn’t score enough points and he’s fragile so to me he doesn’t warrant a spot over a streamer. So that December where Fultz wasn’t a hold apparently, how was Huerter a hold? When Fultz was still beating Huerter out in his strongest stats? Why would Fultz continue to slump when he’s shown consistent improvements? You don’t watch the games because even when he wasn’t putting up big numbers in that December, he was improving. So yes I think Fultz is more valuable overall because in fantasy I don’t ever see people with teams reliant on FT% unless they drafted someone like Lillard. I think more people value stocks and assists category in 12 teamers than FT% (which inflates Huerters ranking) and 3 (easiest thing to stream for). Most competitive leagues are starving for stocks and assists. 3 point streamers are the easiest thing to come by. At this point you’re just arguing with me for your ego, but I can almost guarantee you my team is better than yours and I will probably win more fantasy money than you. So you can brag about having Huerter and I will take my leave and brag when I win my whole fantasy. Have fun with Huerter and good luck. To me it seems like you are looking for someone to save your team through the waiver wire, when these guys are just end of the bench players for me. Maybe that’s why your expectations are so high.
  6. Those assist and steals numbers aren’t good? Pretty sure he was in a slump then and not many people are averaging more assists and steals than that in the league. Seems like you have some lofty unrealistic expectations. Does your team suck? You are looking for someone to save you? Fultz isn’t that guy he’s an end of the bench player, but a serviceable one.
  7. Fultz is top 25 in total steals and top 30 in assists. He’s a great end of the bench pick up. His rank is low due to lack of 3 and mediocre FT percentage. But if you have Fultz to boost you 3s and FT, idk what to tell you. Stop using his overall ranking as some crutch against him. People that are actually good at fantasy don’t care about rankings, we are building teams based on our own personal team builds. I’m punting FT% and 3 made and have been happy with this waiver wire add, I’ve been holding Fultz for several weeks now. I’m in 2nd place and haven’t lost assists match-up once. If you’re relying on Fultz it’s a different story, but he’s a solid end of the bench guy.
  8. So am I. His assists and steals have been solid. His rebounds come and go but when he has a hot week, he becomes a triple double threat. I don’t get why anyone would drop him in 12 team when it’s pretty obvious he will only get better from here on out. If you can afford to have him sit in the wire for a later add maybe, but many fantasy teams end up starving for assists and Fultz is a good pick up for the end of your bench.
  9. LeVert is actually a really good basketball player. His ability to pass and handle the ball at his size is impressive. Don’t get why so many people in here are calling him trash and garbage because your fantasy team sucks. I wouldn’t drop him, wait for him to string together some good games and trade him because he’s too talented and highly owned in the league at this stage. To me, he’s had a hard time playing with Kyrie. Kyrie doesn’t like to move off ball and let teammates do their thing EVER. It’s him who needs to be the one with the ball in his hands, every time. He’s a blackhole, he will drive to the rim with his head down and not ever look to pass. Kyrie has one of the best basketball skills in NBA history, but he can’t play well with teammates. Dinwiddie hasn’t been all that great with Kyrie either, I don’t think any of his teammates have. Maybe Jarrett Allen.
  10. I understand it’s fantasy but people need to be careful when they label players as trash and garbage. Some players don’t play on the worst teams in the league and actually have to play within a system, they can’t just stat pad while losing every game. So calling a guy like Fultz trash when he’s managed to put up these numbers playing with ball hogs like Gordon and Fournier, doesn’t make any sense. Most people who have been holding Fultz don’t care about 3 pointers. I’m punting 3 and have been happy with this waiver wire pick up. If you ignore his lack of 3 pointers, his value sky rockets but I don’t know anyone who picked up Fultz expecting 3s. See a lot of guys who are high on Huerters being snarky to other posters on here. But who has been the more consistent assist and steals guy over the course of the season? Those other categories, I’d rather just stream for. You can downplay Fultz value, but the people holding him are happy and understand what he brings to the table. He has better long term value than a lot of higher ranked PG. Have fun with Huerter when he sprains his knee or ankle and loses you your match up. Players like that I will never look to because they aren’t tough and when their team ends up playing for nothing come fantasy playoffs, they take games off. I’d rather stream. One guy in here says 6 steals is an anomaly and then he has 4 steals 2 games later and he’s ranked top 25 in total steals and top 30 in assists over the course of the season and he’s only getting better if you actually watch him play and not just the boxscore, even if he has some nights were the stats aren’t there. If Fultz played on a team where he could get more usage he’d be putting up triple doubles regularly. But he’s not at that stage in his career where he can waive off selfish vets. He’s being held back a lot by his teammates. Several plays he doesn’t even get to dribble the ball and set anything up. He just dribbles it down half and hands it off to Fournier. That’s on the coach, he needs to run more plays where Fultz can be aggressive in the ball. Magic will probably get more wins as a result too. Fultz can be unguardable at times off the dribble.
  11. Haven’t been on this a forum for a while so excuse the long posts.
  12. I wouldn’t say he’s smaller, but he’s similar sized to those lanky guys. He does have bounce and nice touch around the rim though. I’ve watched almost every Pistons game and Wood gets backed down into deep post position to easily. Thon Maker is a legit 7 footer though, he’s actually a better defender and shooter too, he improved a lot practicing everyday with the Bucks stacked team, so did Snell. People hate on Snell and Morris, but those guys would probably get those minutes on any team, they are established vets, 2 way, 3 and D players. Those guys find minutes on every team they go to. It’s not just about fantasy. So I don’t understand why people call players and coaches trash and garbage because they don’t appease their fantasy choices. Maker just doesn’t have a fantasy friendly game. Even Snell and Svi have been outplaying Wood and they’ve earned stretch 4 minutes over him, but they don’t have fantasy friendly games either, only as 3 point streamers. Wood is pretty much battling with 4 other guys who all shoot better than him for PF minutes. Detroit will surely acquire another centre, or call up a young guy if they lose Drummond as well. I just don’t get why anyone would sacrifice losing a match up just to stash someone like Wood, but that’s their choice. I’d rather stream or pick up Doumbouya, his rebounds and stocks will go up if Drummond leaves.
  13. People don’t understand Wood isn’t a Centre, he’s grossly undersized. He barely weighs 200 pounds and in game actually looks similar sized to Toney Snell and Svi Myk. The guys never going to play the 30 plus minutes you expect, even if Drummond leaves. When he runs into a big like Embiid, Kanter, Jokic, Valanciunas, Whiteside, Vucevic, Towns. The list goes on of guys he can’t check. He will get schooled and bodied inside. Casey isn’t here to coach a tanking team, he’s into building winning cultures. People need to stop hating on Casey for his rotations, but call guys like Greg Pop and Rick Carlisle hard nosed. If you actually watch the games, a lot of coaches would sit Wood for the mistakes and gambles he makes. He reminds me of Amir Johnson. Another similar player is Grant Williams on Boston, but he has less athleticism. So he’s pretty much battling for minutes at the 4 with like 4 other guys who all shoot the 3 better than him. Plus I doubt Detroit will ever rely on him to play heavy minutes at the 5.
  14. No, but I’m not standing for all the Casey slander in here. Every other post it’s just people being harsh on him because he’s not playing the fantasy guy you want. He’s the first coach actually voted by the other coaches in an association, as coach of the year. So no he’s not Mike Brown or Sam Mitchell. Those aren’t even relevant comparisons. At least be fair. The guys a good coach.