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  1. True easily, especially if punting fg%
  2. I'd do this. Beal is better than Kemba and Herro is just a filler.
  3. 12 team h2h 9 cat So, I drafted Steph, Ayton, Collins, OPJ, and Bagley. I dropped Collins once I heard he got suspended the next day as I was 10th place after 2 weeks. I traded Steph, Ayton and Bagley for Beal and FVV the day after I dropped Collins. Was really desperate to do something. Now my team consists of. Guards: Teague, McCollum, Fvv, Beal, Dunn, Ross Forwards: J Brown, Thad Young, RHJ, Ingles, Bjelica Centres: Kaminsky, Sabonis IL: OPJ Who can I go for to try and strengthen my team? Please help cuz I'd like to try and sell high on guys like CJ and FVV
  4. H2h 9 cat Just traded curry, ayton and bagley for beal and fvv. I was desperate.
  5. I kid you not. I have Steph, Ayton, Collins, Bagley
  6. Wow this is terrible, half of my team is now out/injured
  7. It doesnt matter for me, got my IL spots filled with Bagley and Curry 🤦‍♂️
  8. OPJ, Ayton and Bagley are really hurting me. If OPJ continues like this for another week should I drop him? Cant afford to have no shows anymore.
  9. Yeah pretty much my premier bigs are gone. John Collins left for me. Gonna pretty much have to punt blocks and rebounds now
  10. I got Ayton in the 2nd round and Collins in 3rd. Expecting growth from these young guys.
  11. I did #3 Steph and #22 Ayton A guy in our league did Lebron/Beal. No idea how Beal fell so low but he did