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  1. So 3 of my top picks (Drumbo, Capela, Draymond) have either been traded to tank teams with position gluts or the team they're on has officially gone full tank. Fml
  2. He's available as a player but his news hasn't been updated all season and he isn't on their injury radar. He missed 3x games recently and he wasn't even given a DTD tag let alone an OUT
  3. Good luck. I both emailed and chatted with ESPN customer care about the fact that Danuel House obviously isn't included in their current database of players and got exactly nowhere
  4. Just give him the OUT tag so I can throw him on IR and forget about him
  5. Ok what's the deal with the turnovers. This is getting to be less of a mere annoyance and more of a genuine concern
  6. She left the chat before I got a chance to ask for pics. Smh
  7. He plays more of the old Trevor Ariza role. 3 and D, the pace of Houston helps to inflate his REB
  8. It's ridiculous. When he went down with a lower back contusion a few weeks ago he missed 3x games without any kind of DTD or OUT injury tag or even an update. I emailed and engaged a live chat with ESPN customer support where I told them ESPN has somehow overlooked this player and left him out of their system despite the fact that he was a top 15 ranked SF on one of the NBA's most high profile teams. All I got back from ESPN was that he wouldn't get an OUT or DTD tag since he wasn't listed on ESPN's Houston Rockets team injury report. Talk about circular logic. I submitted injury reports from multiple non-ESPN sources yet it fell on deaf ears and they refused to even acknowledge the fact that House's "Recent News" box hasn't been updated all season Here's a transcript of the chat: And then nothing came from this. Zero followup Very frustrating to say the least
  9. 21 and 22 on uber-efficiency and counting. The numbers are becoming a bit ridiculous at this point...
  10. Just a general rant about the direction the league is shifting to. Arbitrary load management on top of guys missing entire weeks for ailments described as "illness" or "soreness", it's clear the NBPA is pushing for a reduction in regular season games. Which the NBA would be insane to cave to, as if teams/players won't try to load manage down to 50 or 45 or 40 games, etc. If the prevailing pro-LM (load management) thought is that missed RS games = advantage PS, then it doesn't matter how long the RS is there will still be a perceived advantage via LM come PS. So where to draw the line?
  11. Cool so I guess if he misses games we can once again expect ESPN to be unaware he exists and fail to give him a DTD/OUT tag or even update his Recent News box
  12. Is this new? I remember Tyson Chandler getting credited for backtap REBs
  13. Except when you quoted me he was on the bench midway through the third quarter with 3 fouls in 4 mins played. So yeah, your latest reply here is irrelevant I'm not gonna make a federal case over this tho, so you continue to do you with your snarky replies and I'll try to be better at checking game boxscores