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  1. Yes!!! Finally!!! Where has this man been all season?
  2. I have Hooper, but I picked him up as insurance. Looking to see what he does.
  3. Like I said in the Hooper thread, hopefully having Julio and Austin on the field will open up opportunities for both guys.
  4. I have him and Julio. Im hoping that since both are active, it’ll open up for both of them to “eat.” Starting both, and not looking at my phone for fantasy updates until well after church service 🤣
  5. The frustrating thing for me is that I can see that he is good. For some reason this year, it’s just not hitting consistently. Maybe a combo of OLine, him being a rookie, and Nagy.
  6. This is the worst thing that could happen. Successful Trubisky.
  7. This isn’t even a thought in my opinion. Penny is a TRUE 1B and he will eat because Carroll will run the ball all the way to SB if he can. Montgomery in a Nagy offense? Complete shot in the dark. I hate how we were bamboozled.
  8. Deflating. All year I was thinking: “Man, just wait ‘til Green comes back. My team is gonna be straight fire!” Slowly, but surely, the situation got bleek week by week. I could really use him right now, but I understand his hustle. Thats fantasy for you.
  9. Yes. I have a nice flex spot waiting for him (which was initially the WR 3 spot before I knew the injury would go this long).
  10. I’ve held him all year until about 2 weeks ago and then this happens. I don’t trust Pete Carroll, but I do believe this late in the season, fumbles are the last thing a team needs. Ill prioritize Snell, but very much intrigued by Penny.
  11. I am chucking at people calling Green a “bum,” though. He’s never been that. The situation is very strange, though. It seems that no one from either side (Green, Bengals) is really forthcoming or hinting at anything.
  12. I’m wondering... Why won’t he just be shut down for the season? Genuinely curious.
  13. Hahahaha... Even Yahoo Fantasy is frustrated about AJ Green per their latest update.
  14. Fair. One could argue he was ineffective with opportunities, but I think that wouldn’t capture the primary issue. Play-calling isn’t supportive of Montgomery and who he is.