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  1. I picked both those guys up even if i decide not to start them, i dont want them playing against me that’s for sure.
  2. That’s what i was thinking as well.
  3. I have Fuller and he is on my bench this week, it seems risky to play him. Help
  4. Winston is hurt and also Evans hurt, Tannehill is seems the right way to go. Help
  5. Is hooper even fully healthy yet? Go with who is more reliable in the playoffs, less risk is better and i would hate to have Hooper not play a full game. Help
  6. They both with prolly be good to start this week but most will say OBJ cause his name, i have brown staring this week for me. Help...
  7. Who u guys like better? Drake or Laird? I’m just scared with what the Arizona coaches do and dont know what to do, not sure if DJ is all of a sudden good now that he got a td last week.
  8. Yeah not sold on Mostert and prolly just another hoax for a few weeks by another coach, what happens if this week Breida is all of a sudden better than Mostert or the original starter Coleman decides he better again. Im also in kinda the same boat where I have Drake and Laird to decide. But I dont trust the coaches with Drake. What u guys think is the better play? At least we know Laird is getting touches.
  9. I know some leagues they just turn off being able to pick up and drop after your out of the race. This league I’m in,the same guys who have been causing issues all year are out of contention but keep picking up and dropping players, its players that people who are in can use too. Usually when I’m out i just stop and never pick up anymore but that’s just me. What’s your take on this stuff and have you come across people who have done this? Because this is the only league I’ve played in that I’ve seen people try half the stuff they do?
  10. Yeah, dont want to mess anything up especially when Olsen playing better now. I’d rather watch Doyle first and see how he does from now and how many targets they give him.
  11. Ive been using Olsen most of year but i picked up Doyle cause Ebron done. I dont know who’s better since Olsen been pretty decent and is green this week. Do i stay with Olsen or try Doyle this week and ROY?
  12. Do u guys like Doyle over Olsen now? I was able to pick up Doyle but dont know how good he is by himself?
  13. U really want to take a chance with Monty being questionable and that coach they have there? I mean its already hard to decipher what they will do when he’s healthy, now you want to try and figure out what they will do when he’s questionable? The dude is a bust this year and i also fell victim to picking him up as well but I’m over it. He’s on my bench for sure this week.
  14. Coleman is going off this week, thank me later.
  15. I know they look strong, would u start them through the next 3 red weeks? I have Raiders starting over them this week? Was just going to save them for playoffs.