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  1. I made a joke so I am relaxed lol. I'm not tryna beef with you man. Not my vibe. Let's let this die.
  2. Relax bro. Not that serious. His 6 of 16 didn't kill my fg %. His team being garbage isn't a concern either (see Brad Beal).
  3. I Forgot to hit the sarcasm button😂😂
  4. Agreed. That's why I dropped him. That's too big a risk for me to take.
  5. Yeah I didn't think about it but that's a good point
  6. It's crazy they have him and Bol Bol is just chilling in the shadows. Nuggets are so loaded its filthy. This kid is gonna be a max player in 3 years at the most.
  7. Well he's going against Dame tomorrow so Ingles will probably be starting after this😂
  8. I Draft Dame 1st every year. Now that we got keepers, forget about it. A walking checkbook.
  9. I remember 2 years ago he started to heat up then got hurt. Groin injury I believe. He's young as hell and in a great situation.
  10. I like him but he really shouldn't be anymore than an end of bench guy for you right now, depending on format I guess
  11. Oh great! I'll file this next to "Ben is taking one three a game. "
  12. I still think you can run on the Rams. That's a big factor.
  13. Man I had Kittle last year. Do not get cute. Kittle gon Kittle. He plays hurt all the time. I would have started him with confidence the games he was ruled out too because dude is a beast. [...]