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  1. in one of the league i was in, there is one guy who always in the finals (and also won the championship) just by adding and dropping players. and he usually is at 14th to last pick in a 16 team league i think its about scouting for players(with a bit of a luck), right before the games start.
  2. i know it is just a pre season but with 8 rebs and 3 blks in 22 mins is very encouraging, hopefully the thumb was not aggravated
  3. Lavine and Ingles at 4th and 5th, been eyeing for the two even before last year's season ends
  4. i had Wendell Carter Jr. and Kevin Huerter for my 7th and 8th pick, did i picked them way too early for a sleeper? i was worried that they will be gone on 9th and 10th round considering that we are a 16 team league
  5. i was 10th pick in a 16 team league (9 cat, h2h), i have Gobert and Trae Young as my 1st and 2nd pick, i was torn between Young and Butler but i ended up picking Young. if you were on my situation who will you pick? after 8th pick i have Jeff green, james johnson, troy brown and dillion brooks with elfrid payton as my last pick
  6. i have Gobert and Trae Young in a 16 team, 9 cat h2h league, i have a chance picking Butler but i opted for Young not sure which is better pairing