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  1. He's on track with his season usage.
  2. what is everyone's opinion about this regarding tie breaker? I think most league default to points, so If 2 teams end up with the same record, the team with more points scored would get the tie-breaker
  3. He had 1 bad drop and a couple bad throws/targets but I'll take it from a 3rd sting QB and a good defense
  4. He looked fine. Not a league winner, but steady-Eddy, reliable. I think the best thing about today was Ty and JD didn't stand out, so he remains King Ding-a-ling at the moment
  5. This game will be unwatchable. 2 third stringers at the helm
  6. you have a link? i dont see anything that says he was signed. only that he worked out for them...
  7. Only drafting if hes my 3rd WR at this point.
  8. Best fit for this guy at this point in the season?
  9. as long as Nuk draws the primary coverage and Watson is not getting smashed, Fuller will always have opportunity to boom.
  10. Anybody taking the Cowboys in this game? I feel like they have a shot. NE has some injuries and DAL defense is competent.
  11. 49ers play the Sunday night game, so if you are monitoring the Brieda situation I'm afraid you will be making a decision before any concrete decision is made