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  1. Its obviously flukish but he definitely passes the eye test. He won't be having these games always but he demonstrated he was solid when Ayton was not around.
  2. this guy would do a lot of damage if he were the main center on another team... Jesus Christ he's good.
  3. I have a buy week so my semifinal matchup will be on 23MAR20, a week after he's been back. Is he worth a pickup? Do you guys think his workload will be ramped up in just one week? What kind of stats could I expect from him at that point?
  4. I traded for Payton last week so expect him to disappear from the fantasy radar or have a career ending injury or something. Sorry, boys.
  5. This guy should be an easy pick with Rose out for the season most likely, right?
  6. I came here to apologize to everyone. About a month ago, I traded OG for Rose when OG was struggling and Rose was at his peak. Ever since that fateful day, Rose has been injured for most games and everything went down hill from the moment I picked him up. Of course OG is kicking a** and getting 7 steals per game now too. It was my fault, guys.
  7. I traded OG for Derrick Rose. lol...
  8. I'm so angry right now. It's just not meant to be for this guy this season.
  9. Man this is so tough, all Juancho, Naz and JJ are good pick ups depending on what you need. Juan: Points, 3s, rebs, low TOs Naz: Lots of upside. Could become a double double threat with some stocks if given the minutes. JJ: Stocks, rebounds, some 3's. Pretty much Roco-lite I believe JJ has the better ROS because his role is more independent of Kat, whereas the other two might only eat while Kat is injured
  10. Juancho seems like a yummy stream with KAT sitting out tonight. I'm expecting a double double from ma boi Juan. Please help! Should I play D.Rose who just came back from injury or Donte? I'm playing the strongest team in the league, we are tied in FG%, slightly losing on steals, and I can win in points, 3's and FT% if I push for it. My only reasoning for playing Donte is the stock, but Rose could provide me with better FG, more points and 3s. My only concern is that Rose is coming back from injury and I dont know how limited he will be. Thoughts?!?!
  11. I dont know but a stat line like this is drop city.
  12. I wish Draymond played today so I would have an idea what his usage is going to be like. Josh Hart got dropped in my league and I have Rose and Kennard coming back from IL after the ASB, so I need to decide if Bowman's ROS is gonna be secure enough or if I should just get Hart.
  13. Well i just dropped Nurkic instead of this guy so it better be worth it
  14. Will this piece of **** play tomorrow? I need to stream him for the FRI-SUN-MON schedule