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  1. ... man bit the bullet and grabbed him when Bruce brown got the GTD tag...
  2. ... I prayed it was foul trouble... f--- I see frank getting more minutes... what a joke
  3. Grabbed DJ. A off Orlando... without evan definitely will give him more touches
  4. 👀 minutes are climbing got otto ... I'd take porter for now
  5. 75 every year? you sure bro..? Ankle injuries for big are the worse .. look at ayton .. hes probably someone I definitely wouldn't draft for the foreseeable future. Plus I didn't see Memphis competing this year .. so my negligence I assumed they'd tank and flip jonas cause of Brandon clarke and JJJ.
  6. another surprise I'd add is jonas val. dude has been surprisingly consistantly this year ... and was on my DND list... boy has he dominated
  7. Surprises for me: Whiteside, sabonis, fred vanleet, dinwiddie, shai
  8. looks like frank rolled his ankle, so you're probably looking at a few games.. with him only being the PG right now expect heavy usage out of him cause i think Dennis smith is hurt as well..
  9. This right here! When joker was playing like a dud at the early rounds ... baynes actually contributed early into the season when ayton was suspended .. when given the minutes hes actually very good
  10. Giles played 15 minutes tonight... do you think the dude is done with holmes coming back?
  11. Didn't get to see the game... only 15 minutes? Richard is suspected to be back playing this weekend... worth the hold?
  12. Man so happy I scooped this dude last week...
  13. man cant afford to hold in with his GTD if he's on concussion protocol .. will have dedmon back this weekend... oh my fantasy team this year just blows