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  1. haha no man commissionaire was actually okay with it, but someone just messaged him saying thats lobsided... going to a vote today haha
  2. LOl hold on ... let me wait till the 24th.. sure my league people would tell me to get ******.
  3. I'll come back ... hopefully it doesn't... owner is second last in a 12 team.. he's desperate to offset for more players.
  4. OG and PJ washington for white side just now.. did i win ? Finally got rid of this headache man..
  5. So... i finally unloaded OG... Got rid of OG, and PJ washington for whiteside... did i win
  6. I'm so hesitant to let this guy go for some odd reason... f---... 4 4 1 ... had gasol benched too
  7. man what would it take for me to claim this stud.. f--- his stats .. wow
  8. So far no news about being out on concussion protocol... I hope not I really could use this dudes service man..
  9. I grabbed curry.. dropped sekou dude hasnt been doing much for me.. plus I would have benched him Wednesday like I did today..
  10. I'd sit morris > bridges > MPJ > CLARKE > PJ in that order.
  11. DOUM and ELF are my bench too... I'm honestly hesitant on OG... as i can see a blow out between toronto and atlanta..
  12. His roster: Shai Alexander Sexton Booker MPJ WARREN T. Harris Vucevic Ayton Burks Mykhailuliuk His bench for today: SATO Troy brown J T. Bryant Looking back at his games last week he did well with pts, FGM,