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  1. Hes sucked all year what u talking about....outside of his first two weeks...hes been a bust as a 2nd round player
  2. This fuking kid sucks dick! NEVER DRAFTING THIS SCRUB AGAIN!
  3. So stupid...what a waste...dropping him
  4. Fuking biggest bust! Fuk this guy sucks!!
  5. Guy cant even perform against Knicks...how fuking bad do u have to be....how do you fall off a cliff this bad in one off season
  6. Yall werent complaining about his lines when he was putting up numbers that even MJ wasn't doing. U guys dont deserve harden
  7. If you're banking on gasol to have a ceiling of 2nd/3rd round....sorry but ure not gonna do well in ur league lol
  8. This guy is straight garbage lol ... dont know why he was so hyped. No stocks high to low fg....
  9. So j Yea looks like boylan a fool for starting gafford
  10. Lol ...hes gonna get 2 quick fouls within 4 mins dont worry
  11. Quietly putting up stats. Worth a pickup?
  12. Agreed and DAJ was a true class vet. He told fizdale to play young guys and not to play him
  13. Knicks need to use mitch rob the way Gobert is used
  14. Yea knicks organization is a frigging joke. How is mitch rob still not starting over the corpse of fuking taj Gibson. And then u have frigging journeyman Portis chucking shots. I really feel bad for the youngsters on knicks. It's an embarrassment every game and they ain't getting better. Why isnt trier getting any playing time, that guy is good. Instead they play ******** Ellington
  15. Seems like you're still mad you picked up gafford. Its okay bud. Happens to the best of us...better luck next time. No1 is expecting him to put up this kind of line every game. He's always known for having across the board production with emphasis on steals. And 5-7 rebs a game is in line with his normal avg. Dont thinn anyone thinks he'll get 10 rebs lol.
  16. Yup all fantasy vets know what thad has been doing for years when he gets the mins.
  17. 18/6/2 3 steals 3 threes So you wanna try this again?? Thad still washed up huh?? Dont be mad cuz u picked up gafford
  18. This guy is just mad cuz he picked up gafford instead LOL. Told u thad >> gafford