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  1. all signed up just me though no team for my buddy. We using leaguesafe?
  2. Thanks, and yeah did we have an idea on the draft date/time yet or no?
  3. Def interested, might have a close friend to take a 2nd team and fill 2 slots for you
  4. MHey bud shoot me a text I’m def interested 860 620 7539 thanks
  5. if you do shoot me an invite please shoot me a text @ 860 620 7539 and i'll send over a payment to LeagueSafe today, thanks bud.
  6. hey bud, def interested. very experienced owner that won't let you down with inactivity. 860 620 7539 if you need to text/call me. silvestri420@hotmail is what my ESPN profile is under. personal email is looking forward to hearing back from you....Thanks!