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  1. Full PPR Down 16.94 points. Opponent has Butker and I have DeAndre Hopkins. Chances are low but I’ve seen crazier things happen.
  2. Is Chark becoming the 2020 version of the 2019 Stefon Diggs?
  3. From what I understand he was placed on season ending IR in 2019 for one of two reasons; either the Packers were overly cautious with him and placed him on IR or they didn't think he was worth having on the team 2019. I'm wondering if anyone can provide insight as to his 2020 pre-season indicated whether either understanding is correct?
  4. Detroit gives up the 4th most fantasy points to the RB position in PPR I'm sort of confident... Week PPR Points 1 David Montgomery 8.4 1 Tarik Cohen 6.7 2. Aaron Jones. 45.6 2. Jamaal Williams 8.3 3. Kenyan Drake. 8.9 3. Chase Edmonds. 5.4 4. Latavius Murray 21.3 4. Alvin Kamara 20.9
  5. Many people have already talked about the potential fantasy impact Le’Veon Bell will have with the Chiefs. My opinion is that the off the field issues Bell may have in Kansas City will limit him in fantasy. Many have stated he’s a diva but I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that’s not going to be an issue. As a former amateur athlete who was once destined to never become a professional I can tell you from experience that the BBQ in KC can ruin anyone’s athletic career. I wouldn’t be surprised if by week 12 Le’Veon Bell looks like this
  6. Just bringing Gase to the front page so Bell owners can thank him.
  7. Bell got his tickets from Priceline’s name your own price app?
  8. I'm doing this trade all day! What you lose with Adams is made up with Henry.
  9. Personally, I think the Allen's and Rodgers schedule are both easy for the rest of the year. The difference is that I like Rodgers end of year schedule more than Allen's. Since Rogers is already done with his bye I would go with this trade.
  10. Ok, one last question. Is it a continuous rolling waiver or does the waiver reset each week?
  11. I'd burn the #3 on Claypool and try to trade one of your WRs for a RB. Maybe, there a RB heavy team above you on the waiver that would be willing to trade you Claypool?
  12. My Bell for James Crowder or Robby Anderson? 12 Team PPR (2-3) WRs: DeAndre Hopkins, DJ Chark, TY Hilton, Tee Higgins RBs: James Robinson, James Conner, Devonte Freeman, Justin Jackson, Le'Veon Bell.