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  1. New startup Dynasty league hosted by Sleeper- full PPR, 8 team - non-cash league fantasy(underscore)mngr(at)Yahoo(dot)ca
  2. Starting a new dynasty league (8 teams) on Sleeper website from scratch. The site really has lovely options and has controls geared towards a dynasty league. Roster spots are QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, WR/RB/TE, K, DEF, 9 Bench, 2 IR (Injured Reserve only IR/SUSP/NA no OUT allowed) and 2 TX (Taxi Squad any player with less than 2 years NFL service). The 2019 Rookie Draft is tentatively schedule for Sunday, Feb 2, 2020 @ 11:00 am EDT; The 2020 Rookie Draft will be held shortly after the NFL concludes its draft (sometime in May). This is a non-cash league looking for active, competitive and fun-loving managers that "walk the talk" when it comes to good sportsmanship and fair play. This is a longterm commitment. Every manager has an equal say in the formation and any changes to the league. A constitution is currently being written so everyone knows the rules that we ALL play by. We don't move the goal-posts after the game has started. There are currently 3 open spots. If you are interest send me an email "fantasy (underscore) mngr (at) yahoo (dot) ca" Subject line: PDL
  3. Looking for an active manager to take over a Yahoo redraft league team that is 4th of 8 teams. The team is consistently having open lineup spots. It's free, decent team and we like to have fun.
  4. A manager has been found for the team. It is no longer available. Thanks.
  5. Info sent. You might be able to see the publicly viewable league here: The team is called Power Ball'rs
  6. I run a Pure Dynasty League that has been up and running for 4 or 5 years (8 teams). In this league you can keep up to 20 of your players year over year. There is a annual draft, but that only fills the void in your roster that is less than 20. Hence if you only declare 16 keepers than you get 4 draft picks. This allows you to stash young players and have them develop into studs year over year. I have several of these and think my team is in a good position this year and moving forward for several more. The league is full of great and active managers. Proof of the success of the league is that several of the managers have joined other redraft leagues that I have setup. I have asked the league for a new Commish and I'm waiting for a response. I am making my team available, if anyone would like to take it over. This is a longterm commitment and I would like to see the league continue and thrive. If any of you are interested than send me an email. I will have you co-manage initially so you can see the teams, standings, settings and rules. Once the new commish is selected then they can transfer the team over to you to take over for good. The only caveat is if there is no one willing to assume commish duties then there is no way to transfer ownership. Maybe one of you would also like to Commish in that case?