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  1. I trust him as far as I can throw him and buddy, THAT AINT FAR.
  2. Beasley over Brown? Are you serious? John brown is the WR1 in that offense. I can't put the WR2 out there over him.
  3. But the players people are replacing him with aren't studs either, or it wouldn't even be a question of whether he is in the lineup or not. I'm trying to gauge comparable players output to his output this week. It's tough, and the playoffs. i'm frightened.
  4. Welcome to everyone's take during the 2017 draft. At least you're keeping that same energy you had then, everyone else who is serious has dropped this take.
  5. Highest current passer rating and most TD passes. But his accuracy is questionable? What do you want the kid to do?
  6. If y'all are sitting John Brown, what players are you playing over him? Having a tough time deciding if I want to take a risk on (one of my players), or stick with the whole "start your studs" philosophy.
  7. They may be a s--- team but their run defense is actually really good. Lamar will be throwing a lot tonight. I'm considering putting in Willie Snead tonight because of it.
  8. It's people who are either contrarians, wished they had gotten him in the draft, or are anti-Lamar because they like arguing.
  9. At this point in your fantasy life you should be setting your lineups not your mom 😛
  10. Pretty fair point. His threat on the run opens up the pass more making it easier for him to throw the ball to an open receiver.
  11. Without the way he's thrown the ball nobody would be even considering him for mvp.
  12. Practice today and tomorrow will clear it up for sure. He was limited yesterday so I really think he plays.
  13. Oh god I think it moved! Hell yeah he has been solid for me all year, can't start doubting him now. Obviously I was always going to play him but this god damn Kareem Hunt.