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  1. My only regret is that I didn't scoop him in every league.
  2. In the same boat in a league. No clue which way to go.
  3. Probably starting Hockenson over Engram this week, think the targets will be there in a (potential) shootout
  4. You were looking for category leagues, not Roto. He’s must roster in any category league, whether H2H or Roto. I’d assume he’s must roster in most points leagues, but you have an odd position requirement.
  5. Yep, dropped Huerter for Bridges in my 8T.
  6. Holmes, but it depends on how they both do in playoffs IMO
  7. His production lately is similar to Otto’s good years. Great glue guy that won’t hurt you anywhere.
  8. Watching the game yesterday that was an incredibly scary fall. I have a feeling he’s fine, but it makes sense the Bucks are being extra cautious.