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  1. I get not wanting to hold him if you don’t have an IR, but if you do what’s the downside? Even if he’s not as good as last year, that’s a top-100 player to boost you during your playoff run.
  2. I’m just not seeing the harm in holding him as a luxury stash? There’s a good chance he doesn’t see 30+ minutes again this year, but he’s still very productive in 20-25. Why not hold him for another couple weeks to see where he’s at before your playoffs? Worst case you’re streaming his spot.
  3. Dropped Theis for him in my 8T to help my 3's/Steals/FT% this week. Couple nice matchups coming up against Detroit and Golden State.
  4. That's Week 21 and default playoffs don't begin until Week 22 (hopefully you have a first round bye). Might as well hold if you have an IR, but he's a tough hold if you don't and are fighting for the playoffs.
  5. This was expected. A mild sprain should be a week, a severe sprain is a month plus (Holmes).
  6. I have a hard time seeing him not giving it a try, but if there’s any discomfort I think he’ll shut it down for next year. Anticipating him out for another 2-3 weeks.
  7. I don’t see the harm in a speculative hold. If your playoffs don’t start for ~3 weeks he has time to up his minutes. A ~25min Bryant is a top-100 player.
  8. Unless you’re punting assists, it’s Ball.
  9. Who has the better ROS outlook: LaMarcus: Possible veteran rest days if Spurs can't make a playoff push. Paul George: Minutes cap/missed games to stay healthy for the playoffs. Wondering if I trade my LaMarcus for PG in my 8T H2H 9-cat league (team in sig). Punting Points and 3's.
  10. I think he's an easy hold with IR. If you're fighting for the playoffs w/o IR, he's probably a drop.