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  1. You were looking for category leagues, not Roto. He’s must roster in any category league, whether H2H or Roto. I’d assume he’s must roster in most points leagues, but you have an odd position requirement.
  2. Yep, dropped Huerter for Bridges in my 8T.
  3. Holmes, but it depends on how they both do in playoffs IMO
  4. His production lately is similar to Otto’s good years. Great glue guy that won’t hurt you anywhere.
  5. Watching the game yesterday that was an incredibly scary fall. I have a feeling he’s fine, but it makes sense the Bucks are being extra cautious.
  6. Why would you ever roster RJ in a league with percentages and TOs?
  7. Anthony Davis is very good at basketball
  8. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but that’s about as great as his debut could’ve gone.
  9. Man was returning first round value til this trade derailed his season. If he’s in a better situation next year, why not draft him?
  10. Maybe people’s playoffs don’t start til Week 22 or 23? As long as he’s playing by then I’m happy.
  11. Wendell Carter Jr. said he plans to talk to the Bulls after the season about moving to power forward. "I’ve been playing the four all of my life," WCJ said. "Even when I was at Duke, me and Marvin [Bagley] were kind of interchangeable at the four, so I don’t know. It’s definitely a conversation I’m going to bring up, but as of right now, I’m just trying to make it work with where I’m at.’’ Carter is a bit undersized at 6-9 but his 7-5 wingspan and athleticism helps him compensate. He still gets overmatched at times against bigger centers like his last matchup with Mitchell Robinson, and while coach Jim Boylen said he'd look into his request, he said he just wants him to be "healthy and get him into a rhythm" for the time being.
  12. I get not wanting to hold him if you don’t have an IR, but if you do what’s the downside? Even if he’s not as good as last year, that’s a top-100 player to boost you during your playoff run.