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  1. to start day after we are full. need 5 owners on fantrax treasurer. $30, 100% payout 15 teams 50 rounds no adds no trades 5x5 roto, weekly lineups, slow draft 4 hr pick window, draft pauses over night fun times! join link below if any questions
  2. thanks for signing up guys! 3 spots remain, tell a friend! preferably with poor fantasy baseball skills!
  3. above is join link. $30 100% payout on fantrax treasurer 15 teams, 50 rounds, standard NFBC draft n hold style 4 hr slow draft, no adds, no trades, weekly lineups, 5x5 roto,
  4. just 3 teams left, you can be drafting by tomorrow!!
  5. trying to start drafting asap here's the link: 15 teams, 50 rounds, 100% payout 5x5 roto, 2 hr slow draft on FANTRAX weekly lineups, no trades, no adds, no drops, NFBC draft n hold style
  6. League's been around since 1992! this is a great league, very competitive, very fundraft 35 rounds, online Monday March 16th 6 pm centralREDRAFT, 100% payout14 teamsOnly 10 pick ups per team all year, so it's draft n hold-ishemail I can email you league constitution if you're interested.
  7. just 3 teams needed!! its an awesome format, fantrax the best site. lets start picking Nov 24!!
  8. let's start dropping sick picks NOV 24th!! sign up. Need 5 teams still.