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  1. Thinking of picking up PJ Washington, maybe one more (OG, Prince, Bacon), but not sure if I have a drop. I know it's early in the season, but I'm guessing they'll be scooped up by someone. My team H2H 9cat: Lillard/ Hield/ McCollum/ Rozier Isaac/ G Harris/ Bogdan Bogdonavic/ Barrett Gobert/ Draymond/ Horford/ Ibaka/ Hachimura Thanks!
  2. Personally, I'd wait to see Fultz be consistent before dropping someone like T Ross where you know what you're getting. I doubt the minutes are set yet, especially on that team where the minutes are shared so much. I doubt his stats tonight are so good that people will be rushing to get him just yet.
  3. Yeah I think it's a fair trade just straight up, but depends on your team.
  4. It would probably help to see your team. I think this situation depends on the stats/positions you need. I like Ingles more generally speaking, but drop him you might lose assists, drop Kanter might lose rebounds/FG. Personally I'd take the chance by dropping Kanter.
  5. I like both. I think it looks like if you need defensive stats then Thybulle, scoring/3s Bacon.
  6. Hard to say for the reasons you mentioned. Personally I'd just see what categories you need.
  7. Looks like you'd go down in 3s, but I'm not sure that's a big deal for you, and I don't think you're losing too much with Sabonis. I personally like McCollum but it's probably a good trade.
  8. The way I look at it, if Zion were available in the round that you picked Gallinari I would have taken him. But I don't think anyone knows what will become of Zion's injury, so I'd say just go with your gut and it's understandable either way. I bet if you find you do poorly without Gallinari you can work something out on the wire with one of your later picks as the season goes on.
  9. I'm not as familiar with Collins, but I'd do this in a heartbeat too. I think you'll get much better defensive stats, and Jrue has talked about being more of a scorer this year too. The only reason I wouldn't is if you think you'll miss a slight difference in 3s.
  10. I think Horford could still be good this year with Embiid's ability to play the whole season still in question, so I'm not sure you'd want to give both up for LMA, unless you desperately need a certain stat.
  11. If I had last pick in my 10 team league and Lillard was gone I was going to pick Jrue. I think you can find a way to make it work.