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  1. Lmao, I wasn't expecting to be attacked like that lol. I will barely make playoffs (hopefully). Here's to hoping Curry comes in clutch.
  2. So whats the outlook looking like with Blake back?
  3. So does that make him a good pick for points leagues then?
  4. Does anyone know when he's going to play? Such slow recovery
  5. I don’t know if Delon Wright counts since he was a later round guy, but I expected a lot better than he has been. He finished last year with a few triple doubles.
  6. With that logic, you can start off good and go on a run and then coast the ROS.
  7. Yeah similarly, seasons aren't lost before the start of the season (or after 10 games) either. And by lost I mean "1st round exit". Its okayyy lol, you made good points before the season started. The man just said that comment didn't age well. I am sure wasn't attacking you or your opinion. He was just exclaiming the Raptors are playing a lot better than any of us imagined.
  8. Yeah I am commish, I thought about stopping that. But its a league of all first timers for fun, so open market. A lot of weird stuff has happened haha Plus the guy that got him was autodrafted and it actually made it more fair overall, so it worked itself out lol
  9. In my noob 8man league, someone dropped Tatum by mistake lol. Top WW took him. Also Collins was dropped the day of the suspension and no one has taken him since. I am hoping no one will and I can scoop him up a week or two before his return. I have too many injuries right now, will probably pick him up once my guys get a bit healthier.
  10. Only if I was desperate for assists and considering those guys are injured now. But still only really do it for Middleton. Derozan, Lowry and Hayward are too good.
  11. Lol this is one of those times when someone actually believes the ludicrous things you say to get a trade done lol. I would veto it myself even if I got Drummond like this cause I would feel so bad lol.
  12. Aaah its a keeper league. That makes it a more fair trade considering Dejounte and Markkanen have high potentials. I think you would suffer a but more this year with that trade, but overall its a good trade for you while still keeping you competitive this year. I would do it.
  13. Yeah man, Embiid is worth more, even though I hate that guy. The trade still helps you tho, I would try to keep Gallo and do Draymond or Ibaka, even Middleton. Also, how did you manage to get AD and Embiid in a 12 team league lol