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  1. I doubt there's any way we go straight to playoffs based on current rankings. They're better off ending the season prematurely than take the backlash of all the teams still in the running.
  2. Okay, even in leagues with blocked adds. Everyone should still pick up guys like Thomas Bryant and Richaun Holmes if they're available. I think those should be fair game. Ones that have been back but were on a minutes limit.
  3. Jeez lol, why is everyone getting mad at me? I agree that these adds are unfair and shouldn't be allowed. But I am not commish everywhere, and the league gets to decide. I was just asking so I can do it before someone else decides to do that and costs me the title which I was deff going to win. There's money on the line and I am going to be equally pissed if someone beats me by making these stupid adds.
  4. I don't get what's wrong with that if the league decides not to block those adds?
  5. Yes I agree. But for leagues where that is not the case, who should the adds be? I wanna discuss that.
  6. I agree too, probably going to do this in the league where I am commish. But what about the other leagues that are free for all and we can pick injured dropped players? Who should we add?
  7. Guys who are you picking out of the injured players that were likely dropped if the season resumes in a few weeks? I think the options are: Jonathon Isaac Kelly Oubre Jr. Ben Simmons Klay Thompson Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving John Wall
  8. Wait till one of the reporters tests positive from when he touched all those mics.
  9. Is CoVid a positive stat like points or a negative like turnovers?
  10. Guys go watch the last few minutes of NBA this season. Cherish it.
  11. Man it's just gonna be so sad watching Steph getting frustrated over all these ugly losses
  12. Left hand looking good with that behind the back no look pass thoughhhh....