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  1. RIP 2 weeks into the season when DJM was gonna win me my league with those Simmons per-36's
  2. I agree about that being a potential glaring issue, but I also feel like draymond is nearing a 6th man role at this point in his career and could easily become a 20mpg guy next season if they landed a Simmons type. In which case they'd really just need one more elite 3pt threat to become some semblance of the team they were before acquiring Durant.
  3. Yeah but don't act like a lineup of steph ben klay dray and whoever they take with their top 3 draft pick wouldn't be intimidating. They'd just spread their non-shooting playmakers across 48 minutes and be offensively evil from start to finish.
  4. Then i suppose they call him Christian for nothing
  5. I want my Bradleybackbradleybackbradleybackbradleybackbradleybackbradleybackbradleybackbradleyback....... Chiliiiiiii's... Bradley back please. ❤️
  6. Thyb is a pure defender on a defensively elite team that doesn't really need another player like him and probably wishes he was more of a Redick (this season). Payton seems to be an emergent defender on a struggling team whose elite offense is offset by weaker defense. Who knows where it goes, but he theoretically fills a massive hole with perimeter d (and possibly some rebs??) for a team that has too many pure scorers. As it stands, I'm caught in the middle of a Wizards fiasco and have no choice. Drafted Beal and Bryant, picked up Wagner when TB went down, picked up IT and now Payton after Wag and Beal went down... so I'll be damned if I miss out on possibly the biggest beneficiary of this team's mess. The question remains: why did nobody take notice of him during his first few seasons despite his father being a legend?
  7. I bet Miles owns himself in a money league and became desperate..
  8. Is Wagner a legitimate handcuff? I've been holding onto him in the event that Bryant's timeline worsens, but Mo's missing games too so I'm getting impatient. Is a stress reaction the kind of thing that keeps coming back to haunt guys who play through it?
  9. Replacing his defensive triple-doubles is pretty much the least solvable problem. Has anyone in a categories league had luck reworking their team to roll with this mess? I feel like I have to punt 2 cats to have a chance at this point 💩💩
  10. Fox back on Tuesday, so it's do or die time.
  11. Dropping him. He's been so bad lately that you could possibly scoop him back up without a waiver claim. I gotta win this week.
  12. His ceiling will unfortunately be way lower on a healthy roster. The question is, will he get hot before Fox gets back? In which case, does he become a prime sell-high candidate? I probably should've flipped him during that initial outburst.
  13. If I were more savvy, I'd sell high on this time bomb... but that's easier said than done when he puts up 17 in a half.
  14. I picked him up like a week into the season and ESPN hasn't done a write-up since. I wonder if they forgot to assign an editor to him 😟
  15. Defensive specialists are coveted by offensively stacked teams like the Clippers. He's an especially good fit alongside guards like Lou and Shamet who contribute nothing on D. If you watch the games, he brings a contagious energy to every play and harasses his assignments on an elite level. From a fantasy perspective, he's putting up baby-Draymond numbers. Never been a must-roster but a strong h2h streaming option when you're fighting for rebs/assists/stocks