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  1. Those game-clinching shots were fearless. A healthy Bucks will have a hell of a title run.
  2. 39 minutes tonight and with simmons out indefinitely, he looks like a solid hold until the next injury strikes.
  3. There's no question he just set a record for most points in back to back losses lol and he's gotta be over 30ppg after this one
  4. What a headache he's been. ESPN had him ranked way too high, where he "fell" to me in the 5th. Now he's easily a drop candidate if he can't show consistent health and performance by fantasy playoffs.
  5. He's a waiver claim in my league, but chances are one of the 8 above me will have their eyes open 💔so I'm rooting for a bad performance tonight to scare them off
  6. Simmons could miss major minutes down the stretch. Does Burks become a meaningful pickup? They don't have many creators and that's pretty much his only calling card. I own JRich who has battled with his own injuries this far, so a handcuff doesn't seem like the worst idea..
  7. Right. To clarify, what I meant was that after his scorching hot start to the season where he caught our attention with 50% shooting and something like 14/6/1/1.5/1 & 2.5 triples, we added him and he went ice cold for most of December and January. We'll see whether he's closer to November House or Dec/Jan House moving forward.
  8. Don't forget that House wasn't worth rostering most of the season up until now, without Covington or (for the most part) Gordon. Maybe he gets a couple more rebs with Capela gone, but I wouldn't be so confident that he's suddenly peak Danny Green on steroids for the rest of season.
  9. "Could be a month." This would only happen on my birthday 🤣
  10. Jerami's a problem, but Millsap has the RPM advantage on the season which is somewhat comforting. I'm a firm believer that missing a chunk of time for non-threatening injuries can be a blessing in disguise for players (especially grandpas) by giving them a chance to reenergize for a 2nd half push. No way he could've kept up those early numbers for 80 games, so maybe he has a shot now. Of course it's quite possible the deep, 2nd-place Nuggets keep him fresh for playoffs. Is it more likely they'll limit his minutes down the stretch or give him some DNPs? Both!? 😟
  11. I agree. The problem is, the moment I drop him he'll go on a ROY-level tear, and nothing burns quite like riding a player out until the worst possible moment. This probably won't happen, but makes it tougher to jump ship on my 'big' November pickup. I guess we're at a point in the season where loyalty to potential upside becomes less valuable than objectively evaluating their numbers, aka time to stop being so damn clingy.
  12. ASB will be a nice rest, though can we rely on him to be "unleashed" down the stretch if he's hitting a fatigue wall already? Between recent performances and injuries, he's been a waste of roster space since late December. His season numbers are something like 11.7 / 5.5 / 2 / 0.8 / 0.7 on shaky percentages and plenty of minutes (30), so idk if his upside is as massive as his hot start suggested. Don't wanna drop him but he'll be on my chopping block as playoffs approach.
  13. He's going bonkers tonight. It's nice but how on earth could he have more value on Heat than Griz long term? I don't buy it, yet someone in my league will surely grab him tonight. Fantasy is the worst
  14. Robinson and Burks coming to town can't spell good news for JRich, who has been a solid but inconsistent contributor without much competition. I hope he doesn't turn into a drop candidate..
  15. Good minutes, bad line tonight. WCS got 10 minutes so I guess he's a hold unless those blocks fall off.