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  1. Yes, Huerter is in the long-term plan for the Hawks as the trio (Trae - Collins - Red Mamba). They're easing him in the first few games because of the knee injury, which I'm not worried about. I expect him to log 28-34 minutes per game within 2 weeks. Drafted him at 118, with realistic topside of top 100. I project 44%/76%/2/15/4/3 with 1 steal, 0.4 blocks, and 1.5 TO
  2. I think Collins will have a third year improvement and slight increase from last year's stats but nothing crazy. Collins is the Hermes version of Randle. 55%/76%/1/21/10/2/0.5/1.1/2 TO Collins's stocks should return to what aligns with his rookie season or last year post-ASB. Percentages drops slightly because teams will have defensive scheme for Trae-Collins pick n roll, as indicated in preseason. I do think that Collin's ADP (Round 3) is where his value is, and I continue to draft him because I simply like Collins very much. Picked him up from waiver when he was rookie and drafted him last year in 5th round (12 Team), very solid as a first or second center on your roster. 😁