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  1. Because no player has ever struggled against Miami smh
  2. What’s happened to him since that 60 spot? Really struggling lately
  3. Favors injured again and Pels are very short handed. Jax one to watch
  4. Why is Layman shooting more than KAT? That should be a crime!
  5. Going up against Chandler and a fast paced team, should go off
  6. Just got offered Favors So hope that helps. Leaning towards accepting
  7. I’m in a 8 team shallow league and I’m debating between Saric, PJ Washington, Miles Bridges, Sexton and Clarke. Who should I add?
  8. Bulls might as well rule him out for the season. He’s clearly injured and Bulls aren’t competing
  9. He’s day to day so injury doesn’t seem that bad
  10. Think it’s time to move on from Lonzo. Love the talent but he’s made of glass
  11. Wouldn’t ever consider that offer. Your two WAY better
  12. Imagine complaining about a player most added on waivers who is massively exceeding expectations. Guy gives you points, gets to the line, threes and dimes so stop whining!
  13. Should add the chief if Isaac is out long term. Big double double last night
  14. Hell yes! Bam is the best player easily in that deal and Kuzma is starting to get hot. Cut ties with Green ASAP
  15. Royce O’Neil should be on peoples radar. Jazz play 4 times and he’s a starter with good minutes. Saric is the other with Suns having 5 games next week
  16. Wizards going no where so hopefully minutes go up and fast
  17. 5 turnovers, 2 offensive fouls and a tech already lol. KAT could be the best player in the NBA but he’s so mentally weak
  18. Let’s see how long before Yahoo changes his team to Portland
  19. Playing tonight and out tomorrow. Going to require a lot of patience here