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  1. Bridges, PJ and Saric are my top options. Phoenix plays a staggering 5 times next week and should be owned. Another interesting player is Cam Johnson on the Suns and also Len
  2. Good call I'm monitoring him also. Its a lost season for the Wiz so I can see the minutes increasing in the second half
  3. Everyone is focused on the big names and rightly so and we have had some WW gems come out of no where. I want to discuss some players who might be in line for bigger roles/minutes soon or in the second half; Mo Wagner Cam Johnson/Mikal Bridges Carsen Edwards/Robert Wiliams MPJ KPJ/Larry Nance Josh Jackson Jaxson Hayes DSJ/Knox/Mitch Robinson These are a few to keep an eye on, feel free to add your own and share thoughts
  4. Any news on if he will play the back to back?
  5. Depend on what your team lacks. Kanter gives you solid FG % and boards but not much else
  6. Ingram is hardly the most durable guy and Pels are Jrue's team. Season just started geez
  7. I hope it works out because its his last chance
  8. Ok and he hasn't played in a long time, his game hasn't evolved and he is now 35
  9. Chilling on my WW, going to stash him until he is over his injury issues
  10. LOL what has Zion done in this league to hurt Jrue? Its Jrue's team and Pels are all injury prone. No guarantee Zion even plays or Ingram can stay healthy and sustain his hot start
  11. Lou will take a slight hit with PG back and it depends who you think will stay healthier rest of the season. Embiid is frustrating to own but when he plays its hard to argue with the production. If you can get a PF or decent big back with Russell do it
  12. Was already getting good run even with Collins playing. Hopefully the Hawks can contend for a playoff spot so he isn't dealt
  13. Back to back good games after moving to the bench. One more good game and he should be owned for sure
  14. Your commissioner should be fired for not vetoing this lol wtf
  15. Back to back solid games, minutes on the rise and Suns play 5 times next week! 5!!!
  16. Should've happened already! Green has been exposed without the splash brothers
  17. Please rate in term of fantasy value not real life. Smart, Sexton, Graham, Nunn, White, D. Murray, Lonzo, Teague and I. Thomas
  18. In his prime he was arguably the best scorer in the league but expectations should be VERY low. Melo is 35 now, been out of the NBA for a bit and his last game was atrocious (1-11 and 0-6 from deep). He also failed playing with some amazing passers in Westbrook, Harden and Paul but this is good for the league so hopefully he can still hoop
  19. Almost 8k have already added him. I canโ€™t wait until heโ€™s released in a couple weeks lol
  20. Starting to heat up. So many nice guards this season