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  1. If he has symptoms that are Corona Virus like, and he ends up testing positive.. How is this a bad thing? Say he has now infected a few team mates that are now contagious without symptoms, and they handle the ball and then they infect OKC players, refs.. It's the right call.
  2. 14 team league here. Have Embiid sitting in IR and have picked up Theis. If WCJ has another stinker I may keep Theis and WCJ is cut for Embiid.
  3. Words i live by. If they start Nance, i'm wearing no pants.
  4. Nice idea for a thread. 14 team and Drafted. Embiid - Siakam - Kemba - Porzingis - Gallinari - Bryant - Carter Jnr - Ingram - Sexton - Satoransky - Len - Grant - Looney Team is now. Embiid (IR) - Booker - Kemba - Porzingis - T.Harris - Bryant - Carter Jnr - Ingram - D.Graham - B.Lopez - O.Porter Jnr - Chriss - Crowder - Nance 6 roster changes from my original drafted team.
  5. Already ruled out for tomorrow. Son of a bitch.
  6. If he is still on minutes restriction he's very very close to having it lifted. Bryant said it feels like he has finally crossed a bridge with his recovery. His foot, he said, feels almost completely back to the way it was before the injury. “I feel very close,” he said Friday. “Today’s game felt really good for me. Just going out there and playing with my teammates and being ready. I feel like my body is getting back, used to the grind and going out there and playing.”
  7. Shake is in unknown territory. Nobody expected him to play this well. No firm date on Simmons return. Who knows how many minutes he can scrape together once Simmons does return.
  8. Brown really was beaming when he was talking about Shake. Loves him. Going to get a lot of run the next few weeks.
  9. MRI showed no structual damage, re-evaluated in 1 week. That's about as good as you can hope for... happy with this!
  10. Take your time Simmons In fact, don't return at all!
  11. Best case scenario would be back in 6 weeks. Worst case 12 weeks.
  12. He came back on for 2 minutes, back to the locker room again. f--- me.