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  1. He will only improve from here. Was putting up top 60-65 numbers prior to his foot injury. Whether he can get back to that remains to be seen. Personally as an owner, I don't like Brooks infatuation with Mahinmi
  2. Of course he's not going to score 25+ and 8+ rebounds. 12-15pts 4-6 reb 1-2 steals 2-3 threes Perfect end of bench player.
  3. CJ out but just means less attention will be paid to Ariza once back. He should put up top 80 numbers.. Must roster in 12+ Teams.
  4. Real talk. He's coming back from a stress reaction. He was never going to play big minutes. They're being careful with him and they can afford to be given Mahinmi has played pretty well. Be patient or I'd trade him as a package deal (2 for 1) and see what you can get.
  5. Guess they won the game, but i really wish Brooks would factor in us fantasy players in his rotation decisions. Selfish prick.
  6. He should request a trade to Dallas. f--- Scott Brooks.
  7. Looks like he'll be sticking to his sub 20 minutes. f--- me.
  8. Too many players are getting minutes for Wiz. 6 bench players all gettting 7+ min. I'm not liking this at all.
  9. More than 25? haha.. Played 16 min last game. . I'll be happy if he even cracks the 20 min barrier.
  10. Starting tonight at PF replacing Bonga. Think he would be more productive with 20-25 minutes in the 2nd unit at Centre. But i guess we'll see how this pans out.
  11. Game goes to OT and Bryant only plays 16min. Brooks is a f***wit.
  12. Can't even get the start with no Griffin or Drummond. Thon Maker and Markieff starting.
  13. Yup, he's progressing really well by all reports. Will be stoked if he's back next week!