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  1. After the game he had both knees iced and some ice on his ankle but no ice on his calf.
  2. Why can't I have anything nice. f--- injuries. Please be minor!
  3. I love this guy, now for a steal and a couple of blocks and he can sit the last half! haha..
  4. I've torn a labrum before, you can still lift weights with minimal pain. Sudden burst movements is where the severe pain occurs, or jolting of the shoulder in a particular direction. He's cooked. Mark my words, if he does play it will be 1 game and then will pull the pin.
  5. Except Conley was out recently and he was still stinking it up.
  6. Ranked 163rd the last 2 months and 326th the last 2 weeks. Surely there is something better on your wire.
  7. Same boat. Kennard if he comes back and is fit i think has more upside than OPJ. I just can't see OPJ really having an impact given how much time he has missed and the Bulls seem to be overly cautious when it comes to injuries.
  8. Give him a game off, play him off the bench next game and let him torch some 2nd units and get his confidence back.
  9. 10th consecutive week of having at least 2 players out. First time playing and next season i'm only picking players who have played 78 or more games for 3 consecutive seasons 🤣
  10. Bryant was never top 50. Sat around the 60-65 at his peak but mostly was 75ish when healthy from memory. I could be wrong but no chance he puts up top 50 numbers.
  11. ESPN must not rate him, he's still not available. Seriously.. how hard is it?
  12. I've got Cody Zeller on the wire putting up ok numbers, Bryant has shutdown written all over him once Wiz are out of playoff contention.
  13. Looking at A.Holiday's stats. When he plays between 21-28 minutes he averages: 10.9pts - 2.5reb - 4.3ast - 1stl When he plays 29 minutes or more averages: 16pts - 2.8reb - 5.8ast - 1stl He really needs the 30 minutes to be roster-able and not sure he gets those minutes with Dipo back, Lamb wasn't even hitting 30 minutes. If Dipo got injured, then it's a run don't walk scenario.