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  1. I wouldn't call my league a taco league but I dropped him a few days ago. I'm sitting in 9th and losing almost all of my match-ups. News came out that he might need surgery and thought to cut my losses. I tried picking him back up but you can't put a waiver claim on someone you dropped. I waited till midnight and i still couldn't add him because he didn't clear and a few minutes later someone snatched him.
  2. I'd go with Collins/Morant. Youth and durability win out.
  3. If you can get him to do Butler/Paul I'd def do it or even Tatum. Win-Win. Help with mine?
  4. I'd go Mitchell as well. I like Jazz players since they'll stay competitive in the West. Help with mine?
  5. Which side wins. I'm doing pretty well in 3's, third in the league even with Kyrie out. Should I pull the trigger? I wanted Trezz instead of Nunn but he rejected it.
  6. I say Paul. OKC should make a playoff run and they'll need him
  7. Going Lou as well. He'll provide more value
  8. See who else you could get. Burks is producing and hard to move him for someone like Smart.
  9. As a Kyrie owner, I'd take it and run. We have no idea what's going on with this guy and if he'll even play again.
  10. Yeah I'd have to agree. You lost out on this one.
  11. I'd see who else you can get. Murray is going to have a good year