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  1. With both guys being hurt im thinking of temporarily dropping one to pick up someone to give me some points this week.


    im looking at grabbing pj tucker or alec burks


    im in a points league and this week is real close with the projections of me losing by about 4 points.  Any advice would be nice

  2. So i wondering if i should drop PJ tucker for PJ washington.  In a 8 owner h2h league?  Also any other help with my currrent team would be a huge help.




    miles turner


    Tobias Harris

    kelly oubre jr

    Mitchell robinson

    Thomas bryant 


    Jarrett allen

    jeremey lamb

    pj tucker (picked him up to drop zion after he got hurt)

  3. Just now, DezedandConfused said:

    For more unknown upside yea, u know what you're gonna get from tucker who's more suitable for roto leagues. Also ask in the Assistant Coach forum for personal team based questions.

    thanks,  this is my second year doing fantasy basketball.  And also just signed up on here so it woudnt let me post yet in that forum untill i get 10 post.

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