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  1. i rather have the tatum wiggins and d lo
  2. i dropped him in 12 team for dejounte / dunn - keeping an eye on him cuz i saw news of redick maybe getting traded - kenrich is also stealing some usage
  3. vucevic side wins, maybe not in the short term but ROS definitely
  4. Is Murray worth stashing givin this last game in a 12 Team? Downside is he only has 2 games next week or I would have already grabbed. I feel like if I don't though he will be taken due to his ADP pre-draft and the hype going into this season End of bench guys are Bjelica / Kriss Dunn / Josh Hart.. Others on the waivers include Aron Baynes, Delon Wright, Dwight Powell (Mavs only got 2 games next week too)
  5. KP has that sore knee going on, might be handcuff szn streaming the tues/wed b2b to find out
  6. yes this dude is trying to steal boards from hassan and stealing points from lillard.. happy to see him ball out but bad for us lillard owners
  7. Got two trades vetoed in the last 3 days where I made 2 fo 1's for first rounders (pre-season rankings). League veto rule is 4 out of 12 players vote against it and the trade is off.. Am I being butthurt or is this league rule completely broken?
  8. Issac is currently ranked 24 according to BBM and Favors is rank 118 I personally think Issac is going to regress so take those rankings with a grain of salt. If there's anytime to do it maybe after Favors big time tonight is the time to send and see if they bite. Once okafor is healthy again favors will play less. Once zion comes back he'll take a hit as well.
  9. Oubre with your punts factored in is round 8 rank 85 according to BBM / Without the punts he is round 7 rank 79 (season stats so far) However, in the yahoo rankings. Now what I'm doing is looking at the pV column with these punts applied and searching for bigs that maybe you can trick the other owner for. Names that I found in my search.. again not saying these are going to be fair in the other owners mind but worth having a conversation and sending a trade to gauge interest: Sabonis (Round 3 a bit of a reach but worth a try, you can reason with the owner and say his usage will go down once oladipo and turner come back) John Collins (if you can wait out the suspension and not fall out of the playoff race - maybe that owner is panicking too and wants production now!) Thomas Bryant (Round 5) Bam Adebayo (Round 7) Hassan Whiteside (Round 7) Clint Capela (Round 7) Tristan Thompson (Round 7) I hope others don't respond and tell me something like "you're crazy! no way these will work", I'm just trying to give OP some ideas to work with.
  10. Do you guys think this will affect Kyrie ROS? I just took the risk on Kyrie and bought low today. After watching the Nets vs Nuggets tonight here were my observations: 17 points 1 3 pointer on 8/20 shooting (40%), 6 Rebounds, 9 Assists, 1 Steal, 0 Turnovers Maybe it's the Nuggets defense? Maybe it's playing in Denver which is notorious for it's home court advantage due to high elevation, but I zeroed in on the fact that Kyrie went to the foul line zero times. Back to the WebMD quote above, "overhead". While shooting and doing layups both require an upward motion, I would say doing a lay up requires the arm and shoulder to go over the head more relative to a shot. I did see him take some left hand layups, noticing that the black tape was on the shoulder of the right arm. I'm wondering if the no foul shots, and less driving attacking the basket is correlated to not wanting to take any bumps and minimizing pain from right hand lay ups. The black tape also reminds me of Paul George last year always having his shoulders taped up. I'm optimistic however because PG did play all the way till Dame sent them home last season. But then he had surgeries on both shoulders in the off season. I'm worried that if the Net's fall out of the playoff race, that they will just shut him down and wait for full powered team next year with KD back. I took this into account when I made the trade, but I said **** it, anyone can get injured on any given night can't pass this up. Wouldn't pass up on AD either knowing that he has a linger shoulder issue. What do other Kyrie owners think? Are you worried? Or do you think he'll be able to turn things around? Please share your thoughts!
  11. Thanks Fellas. I completed the trade. If ya'll have any roster moves or trades please link it and I'm happy to provide my input as well.
  12. This is my fear.. They are 4W-7L, if they fall out of top 8 why not just rest him and wait for next season when durant is back?
  13. Yea that shoulder injury he has right now is from repetitive motions. I think Vucevic by himself is already fair enough given this lingering injury.. Hence I haven't pulled the trigger yet.