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  1. It would be hilarious, if he returns, blocks 5 shots in his 1st game back, gets drug tested again, results come back positive, suspended another 25 games...
  2. Unless the other team asks OKC to protect him untill they work out the details of the deal. Makes sence. It's just a scenario though.
  3. Harrell was overlooked for the same reason. The lack of range is something GM's are avoiding like crazy nowadays.
  4. I dont think I would resist either Jrue or a healty Vuc. All these are legit offers though.
  5. The role yes, the usage not necessarily. He will need to rebound a little better or improve his stocks. Otherwise, he is very shooting dependent. That means on his bad shooting nights he will lay eggs on us. On the other hand, he seems to know how to get to the charity stripe...
  6. Great 1st half. 20 mins already. He provides night in night out at this point. It's safe to say he has earned Walton's trust.
  7. ...and now he is back to getting buckets. He should do this every night. Focus on stocks the first half and then buckets😆
  8. Karl-Anthony Towns (knee) available to play Friday. Andrew Wiggins (thumb) ruled out Friday. Wow, that went better than expected. Praying for a feast 🤑
  9. You can make a case for all three pgs in NY. Lets hope they will stop auditioning them and come down to a consistent rotation at some point this season.
  10. FRI, DEC 6, 7:43 PMROTOWIRE.COM Towns (knee) is probable for Friday's game against the Thunder, Chris Hine of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Spin: Towns is dealing with some right knee soreness, but it doesn't seem to be anything that will keep him out Friday.
  11. Ft % is his most improved stat. FT % improved by 6,3% and he is shooting them pretty much at the same volume as last year.
  12. I ll give u that 42 mins pg and 42 total games this season.