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  1. Down Raheem Mostert & Austin Ekeler as of right now Deciding whether i should devonta freeman this week or darrell henderson jr., any advice?
  2. Stephen A on first take noted yesterday that he might be inclined to join the ravens to maybe get revenge on Pittsburgh since they are both in the same conference. Seahawks seem to be the front runner as of right now but you never know
  3. Patriots set to play against chiefs on monday so i think you should be good with kelce
  4. QB: Deshaun Watson or Joe Burrow (Both avg around the same points rn but joe burrow has a better matchup, but the texans are 3-0 so i'm kinda expecting for watson to step it up) WR: Terry Mclaurin or Ceedee Lamb (scary terry is playing against the ravens and ceedee has been fairly consistent so far) TE: Gronk or Schultz (Leaning on schultz cause of the matchup) Thank you in advance! need an answer before 1pm!
  5. Damn bro this **** really happened. Leave it to the frenchman touching everyones microphones smh
  6. Walt Lemon Jr aka Derrick Rose absolutely demolished me last year and i lost the steals category i was so close in smh.
  7. Yeah my playoffs start on Mar 16th since i have a bye week now. Irdk what to do with this guy cause idk if he'll play two weeks from now (mar 18th) or if they will push up his return date or worse rule him out for the season.
  8. Yeah my team was so garbage draft night, it's a blessing and a curse being able to stream all of those spots though cause i never really missed out on a hot FA but at the same time it's annoying speculating everything and would much rather have a solid consistent player do what they do every night. I definitely cant keep track of all my moves on espn they show you your roster when you flip back to oct 22, thats the only reason i was able to compare
  9. Yeah i would have loved to play more conservative this year, unfortunately our league doesn't have an IR spot so i was practically forced to drop curry & zion and make lots of trades throughout the season since most of my players drafted in the later rounds didn't live up to their averages. Your team looks very well constructed!
  10. I was talking to the players in my league about how much certain teams changed up from draft night until now, entering the playoffs. I'm actually curious to see how much other people rosters have changed on here. Some people in my league have almost the same roster since draft night with a few minor tweaks and some completely dismantled their roster and went a different route (me). Draft Night: Stephen Curry, Trae Young, Devin Booker, Khris Middleton, Zion Williamson, Bam Adebayo, Terrence Ross, Enes Kanter, Marc Gasol, Dewayne Dedmon, Malik Monk, Bobby Portis, PJ Tucker Entering Playoffs: James Harden, Nikola Vucevic, Paul George, Lauri Markkanen*, Clint Capela*, Jaren Jackson Jr*, Jamal Murray, Lonzo Ball, Marcus Smart, Luke Kennard*, Duncan Robinson, Malik Beasly, Richaun Holmes* (Lauri, Clint, JJJ, & Luke were all claimed recently since i ended up getting a bye week and people dropped out of desperation in a tight playoff race, i burned all my streaming spots picking them up but could be a nice reward if they all end up coming back) Also, my bad if this isn't the place to post this type of thread.
  11. And to think my dumbass didn't wanna give up Al Horford for him when he was severely struggling when coming off that injury 😂smh congrats to those who held on or bought low.
  12. I got a byweek rn in the playoffs expect this production until mar 16th 😂 nah but for real though lonzo has been killing it lately once his percentages go up and his TO's hover around the 2/3 per game territory he wont have holes in his game.
  13. Anyone else feel like he's going to do better with otto porter back and lavine gone for a week, surely coby white & him will see an uptick in usage rating. this could be a blessing if he ends up playing tomorrow and helps us out in the fantasy playoffs.