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  1. Eric Gordon is the best insurance for Harden
  2. Some guy offered me Daniel Theis & Paul George for Carmelo Anthony & Norman Powell. Accepted instantly, i'm on board fellas i just hope he comes back healthy & ready to roll when this trade processes monday night.
  3. lmao so trade him bruh idk what to tell you
  4. For real, superstar caliber players go through rough stretches sometimes that's life. Russ was having himself a night and they had Okogie & Cov key in on him the whole game. Granted he's been off there is no denying that he's been shooting like trash these past games but people have to trust that harden will get back to his MVP caliber level eventually. He'll snap out of this slump soon i believe it.
  5. they really started nicolas batum over him cause they played in france and thats his home town, regardless though this guy is a drop with the TRASH playoff schedule and devontae graham chucking it up in CHA. Smh so disappointed he has really good potential but the guards have been running the show and not giving enough touches to the Forwards such as Bridges & PJ washington, they fill up the stat sheet organically but it's simply not enough to roster at least for bridges.
  6. drop culver tbh. Kats back he takes up alot of usage along with cov and wiggins. Reggie jackson's more reliable as he's been in the NBA for a while now while culver is still raw.
  7. He's doing his thing, probably cause he's on my bench tonight 🤣 but i like what im seeing
  8. someone in my 12 man league dropped for nerlens noel i dont blame him. Plenty of similar options in the FA tbh
  9. In Bobby Shmurda we trust 🙏🏼 I'm taking a flier for this week
  10. Questionable for next game, last year he averaged 15ppg 2.6reb & 4.2ast's all while playing 82 games. Is there any value here for 12 teamers to stash with the news that Drose may get traded?
  11. Yeah this is god awful to even watch, I'm hoping this comeback loss wakes him and this whole rockets team tf up.
  12. Definitely not a ball hogger he plays very organically, he had like 2 pts during halftime