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  1. Off night for shooting but rest of the line is gold
  2. Might be a bit Too soon with just one game but I would love for this to happen.
  3. God damn. Glad i took a flier on him. but this shooting not sustainable obviously. Still he has a great ROS outlook.
  4. What you guys think?he coming off the bench is likely just a match up based decision or maybe trying to ease him in after his injury issues?
  5. Dropped him for nance. Carlisle doesn’t like porzingis/Kleber combo so that’s gonna hurt our boy.
  6. What do people think? WCS will most definitely cap Klebers minutes, but he can still produce if he can get mid 20s minutes and you really can’t find his 3s/blks upside on the waiver wire. want to hold but Larry nance also looking good on the wire...
  7. What do people think about Roco on the Lakers?
  8. Sticking w him for now. FG is good. Favors is injury prone. Ride til the wheels fall off.
  9. KAT being injured has been the best thing for the lord... no cap
  10. Never doubted my lord... but seriously how likely is he to keep up this up when KAT and wiggins are back and takes all the usage up 😣
  11. Hope he continues the production from right before the injury. Now I need to think of who to drop to activate him. Thinking seriously about dropping OG