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  1. Mild left shoulder strain.... hopefully he’s not the next Honeywell - on the cusp of being MLB relevant but can’t stay healthy. Hope it’s nothing serious. He’s being re-evaluated after his MRI showed no structural issues.
  2. I mean yeah I’m pretty sure everyone knows that ST numbers aren’t the end all be all, but these guys aren’t just throwing lollipops in there. A lot of these players are trying to win spots on the 40 man so they obviously will be trying to showcase their stuff. Either way, it’s good to see that he is already utilizing his 5 category toolset.
  3. No doubt about that. But he’s hit a HR, triple, double, single, walked, and has a SB. Love to see it.
  4. Singled today and promptly stole 2nd. Then hit a missile at 113 MPh ev over the fence. Kids going to be special!
  5. His 2nd inning had a backwards K, full count BB, gave up 2-run bomb, piss rocket to dead center that would have been HR if not for being in centerfield, and not sure the last out but I think was a grounder.
  6. How so? Defense/speed first prospect and Coming out of nowhere with the power and hit tool?
  7. Not going to lie... he’s got a great swing.... what’s his ETA? 2022? That’s a little too long for me to stash unless he’s a bonafide stud. I’m intrigued though.
  8. Couldn’t disagree more. If you’ve actually ever seen him throw a baseball, you can see the dude is filthy. I’m super high on Woodruff and believe he has an incredible year as long as he stays healthy.
  9. Is this chicken cooked? Anything to possibly be excited about? Sorry for the lame first post but wanted to see if anyone has any hope for this guy. I feel like Evan White and him are similar guys.
  10. In ESPN, Yordan did not lose his LF eligibility. A few others out there that didn’t lose eligibility but this one is notable.
  11. Are you new to fantasy baseball? You must have slept through the last month of the season last year.
  12. While I think it’s ridiculous that Altuve and whoever else were possibly wearing buzzers and am not condoning this behavior at all as I think it’s awful for the game... but whether they are getting a buzz on their shoulder from an electronic device or hearing a trash can bang or verbal/visual cues from dugout/bullpen.... it still achieves the same goal for the hitter.... Not sure how much more of an advantage it really is having a buzzer in comparison to hearing a banging trash can. You’re still getting the message and know what’s coming.
  13. I’d get Flaherty all day for sure for those injury prone position players and unproven arm. Flaherty is arguably a top 5 arm IMO. I’d stick with Luzardo though as he’s going to be pretty special as long as he stays healthy.