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  1. Are you new to fantasy baseball? You must have slept through the last month of the season last year.
  2. While I think it’s ridiculous that Altuve and whoever else were possibly wearing buzzers and am not condoning this behavior at all as I think it’s awful for the game... but whether they are getting a buzz on their shoulder from an electronic device or hearing a trash can bang or verbal/visual cues from dugout/bullpen.... it still achieves the same goal for the hitter.... Not sure how much more of an advantage it really is having a buzzer in comparison to hearing a banging trash can. You’re still getting the message and know what’s coming.
  3. I’d get Flaherty all day for sure for those injury prone position players and unproven arm. Flaherty is arguably a top 5 arm IMO. I’d stick with Luzardo though as he’s going to be pretty special as long as he stays healthy.
  4. Cole, Verlander, Clevinger, Bregman, Rendon
  5. J. Watson is getting a lot of DFS hype this week mainly because he is so cheap, but they really don’t have anyone except Howard and Perriman and Winston should be chucking the ball.. could see renfrow having another big game but hard to trust with such small sample size. Slayton same story as Renfrow... not sure I could trust throwing him out there even with the Eagles depleted secondary Wilson can’t do it A.Miller has been the most consistent id say minus last weeks performance (which is scary I know) all in all it’s a dart throw but I’d go with Watson, Miller, Renfrow in order of most confidence.
  6. Trying to decide which QB to play.... Mahomes I’m afraid might not play the whole game If they get up but 3 scores. a lot needs to happen for them to get better playoff seeding. Brees same scenario, might get up big and either hand it off the rest of the game or come out 2nd half for teddy. Tannehill will be playing the whole game in a must win and possibly going against a Texans squad that has nothing to play for except beating their division rivals... WHIR
  7. Ask for Zeke and the #1 pick for Barkley. Then you would be set and will get a 1st round talent.
  8. RB Pick 3: Kamara, Saquan, D Henry, A Jones, Drake QB Pick 1: Brees, Mahomes, Tannehill, D. Jones TE Pick 1: Hooper, Waller, Gesicki, Higbee DEF Pick 1: Saints, Steelers, Patriots im in a league where lowest points scored players get dropped to wire. Just me and another team left for championship so the teams are STACKED. PPR.
  9. Ok new question.. Saints, Colts, Patriots, or Steelers this week? I want highest upside because all floors seems pretty even. I’m leaning Patriots or Saints.
  10. Saints (playing for bye), Steelers (playing Ravens backups), or Colts (playing Jags) this week? im leaning Saints
  11. PPR Cut throat league and only 4 teams left. Chris Carson, Fournette, Saquan, Derrick Henry? Carson might ball out with Penny hurt and no competition. Saquon plays Miami But NYG stink and he’s been pretty trash for a while. Derrick Henry has been going off last 5 weeks and his teams needs to win but has injured hammy. Fournette plays the Raiders but team has given up and he also has been sucking lately. I’m thinking Carson, Derrick Henry, and Fournette... Don’t think I can trust Saquan even though he plays Miami... WHIR
  12. really strange comment considering there is 0 evidence to support this claim. Probably the first time I’ve ever been to an in game thread. My remark to Fitzmagic was tongue in cheek because EVERYONE on the Sutton thread said to trade/drop/bench Sutton going forward due to Flaccos IR stint.
  13. It’s even more strange you making time out of your day to comment on something that doesn’t involve you