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  1. Was able to offload him for Bertans. I just have a gut feeling he doesn’t play another game this season.
  2. Brutal. My fantasy team is crumbling to ash.
  3. This just blows. I was so high on this kid, and he didn’t disappoint me, surpassed all my expectations. Feel bad that I have to cut him. Injuries always suck, but I really enjoyed watching this kid develop and play. He will be high on my draft list next year, but for now it’s farewell, sweet prince. ☹️
  4. I fell for the rhetoric and traded FOR him initially when I thought he was a prime buy low option. But I was stupid to do so, thankfully I was able to find a sucker to take him in my league, but I doubt that’ll be everyone’s experience.
  5. I fell for this rhetoric before early on. Thankfully I was able to move him just before he got hurt. No way Conley approaches top 50 this season, he looks straight trash and now Ingles is outplaying him and the Jazz are winning without Conley, which will have serious consequences for his minutes going forward. If you’re in a 10 team league this dude is a drop. If you’re in 12 or deeper than I say try and move him if you can, but otherwise maybe try and ride him out if you’re in playoff position.
  6. I continue to feel vindicated for my decision to trade CP3 and WCJ for my boy Isaac. I love watching him play and he’s such a fantasy monster.
  7. Per the Rotoworld blurb: “He'll be receiving his ring along with a chorus of boos, but he'll be out there after resting on Monday. The Clippers have another back-to-back set this week, so expect Leonard to again hit the sidelines for either Friday's game in Minnesota or Saturday's game in Chicago. With Leonard back in action, Patrick Patterson will return to the second unit.” Do you guys really think he’s going to get booed? Not strictly fantasy related but I’m curious as to what people think. I believe he will be received warmly. I’m a Toronto fan, and I’d cheer for him (if I could afford a ticket).
  8. Moved him + Turner for Lowry. I got a lot of love for Conley for what he did on the Grizz, but he just looks bad this year, and the opportunity doesn't really seem to be there within the Utah system.
  9. He just got dropped in my league. Already have Isaac and doing well in stocks but thinking about putting in a claim for him anyways. Has he been frustrating to own this year?
  10. On ESPN fantasy league, and watching the game - can anyone on Yahoo confirm they took away that second steal he had? They had given the one he stole before he got fouled by Gasol but now it’s back down to 1???
  11. Oof. But in retrospect Doncic was obviously a first round guy. I knew he was great last year, but damn I did not see this leap coming
  12. Really? Where’d Lebron go? I got him at 9.
  13. He went at 18 in my league. Major, major regret picking Embiid at 12 instead of him