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  1. bump... still looking! come join the fun! this one will be a challenge!
  2. The Swan Song, the Big Cahuna, nah… The Grand-Daddy of Them All! I have reached the maximum number of leagues I want to run until I figure out a way to get paid. I have decided to create one last league incorporating all my lessons learned. This Fantrax True Dynasty will have Annual H2H (Each Cat) AND Three-Year Roto, 30 Teams, extended Minor Leagues (20) with no Player Salaries or Contracts. Scoring is 6x6: AVG, HR, OPS, R, RBI, SB x ERA, K, QS+W, WHIP, K/BB, Saves+Holds The cost is $200 which gives us a $3000 annual purse and $9000 roto purse. GroupMe chats for day to day communication and an invite to my “all teams from all leagues” chat where we compare notes on teams, review trades, rate prospects, basically, talk fantasy baseball. Send me an email at that tells me why you think I should include you in this challenge and I will send you the full set of rules.