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  1. Are a serious dynasty player? I need to replace an owner who left because his career as fantasy baseball analyst took of. Looking for dedicated owner(s) to claim 1, 2, or all 3 teams constructed by a pro. One league is h2h, the other 2 are roto. The leagues are $55 and $60 and all are paid for 2020. New owners will need to pay for 2021 up front. If you think a highly competitive environment is for you (no easy money) send me an email and I will get you the rosters and charter documents.
  2. We are itching to get started. Only need one more. You know you want to...
  3. Send me an email at and I will send you the rules document, etc.
  4. bump - Still need a few good men... or women
  5. It doesn't look like MFL has mock auctions, only mock drafts. It is a slow auction, so there will be much time to figure it out and not miss a bid. I can also assist with screen shot tutorials. Unfortunately, this is all I can offer. I guess you could create a test league and run an actual auction as multiple teams to get a feel for the interface. If you are interested in the league, send me an email ( and we can figure it out.
  6. No problem. MFL is short for It's a fantasy football website. I have participated in leagues using their site for around 10 years, if not longer. It's a solid website, but I'm trying out Sleeper with this league because it is free.
  7. I have one opening each in 2 of my Fantrax 16 team dynasty leagues. One league is Roto ($60), the other is H2H ($55). The Roto team is paid through the end of 2020, but I will require the new owner to pay now for 2021. Our rules are designed to facilitate trading and we have loads of trades. GroupMe is required and we have active conversation all year, unless there is a pandemic going on. 27 man rosters with an additional 35 MiLB Send me an email at and I will send you the charters and the rosters of the available teams.
  8. I'm currently recruiting for a Startup 12 team Dynasty League. Here is a quick summary of the current rules. Once we have our 12 we can vote on any tweaks to the rules you may want. Drop me a line at and we can discuss if this is the right fit for you. A dynasty league is a commitment, no one and doners, please! $150 entry fee Lineup: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 3 Flex, 1 Kicker 14 Bench, 3 Taxi (starting in 2021) and 2 Injured Reserve NO DEFENSE, NO SUPERFLEX, ONE QB The auction draft will be done on MFL, currently under a free trial, BUT AFTER THE DRAFT THE LEAGUE WILL BE ON SLEEPER. We will start the auction when league is full Each team will have a $300 auction budget Waivers - Blind FAAB budget of $100 each season, no carry over 14 Week Season - 4 team playoff Payouts: Champ: $1000, Runner Up: $500, First Round Losers: $150 each
  9. I have a opening in one of my roto leagues and one in a h2h. My leagues are 16 team, 35 minor leaguer, 6x6, fantrax and cost $60 and $55 annually. The roto has been paid for 2019, but I will require any new owner to pay for next year. Email me if you are interested, I'll send you rosters and rules.